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Looking Hannah or Hannah a three two win it. Three tenths of a second left. Are you kidding me? Gary dolphin and Bobby Hansen on the Hawkeye radio network. Number twenty Iowa beat northwestern eighty to seventy nine hockey, the blues have now won six in a row, they topped the predators. Five to four seven straight wins to the Blackhawks five to two over the Red Wings, the Rangers. Getting fifty five saves from Alexandra Georgi ebb a beat the Maple Leafs. Four to one the lightning top the Panthers. Five to to the ducks fired head coach Randy Carlyle golf. Phil Mickelson is closing in on a fifth win at Pebble Beach. He turned to three-shot deficit into a three shot lead with a couple of holes to go. They'll finish up Monday morning because of bad weather and Lindsey Vonn closes her career with a bronze medal in the downhill at the world championships. She's retiring because of ongoing knee issues. I'm Brad Heller. Listen to CBS sports radio on Sirius XM, you can find us on our new channel, Sirius XM Chiloe sakes. Jeff benched every night at eight on Xtra sports thirteen hundred Colorado Springs. You're listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence. Don't call the show. If you expect me to agree with you one hundred percent if you can't handle the heat, I'm telling you, don't call. The world would be boring if we all agreed B. I have opinions. So do you. It's okay for us to disagree. It's not like for death. Not worn out ghanistan. It's not the fight against cancer before. So why should we it would be boring? This after hours with Amy Lawrence. Happy. Knowing you actually,.

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