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Of the house Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer are demanding equal airtime as President Trump is set to make a national address tomorrow in a joint statement released tonight by the speaker's office. They said that if past statements are any indication Trump's remarks will be full of malice and misinformation and Democrats must be given equal airtime. The government may be shut down, but you'll still get your tax refund. Typically during government shutdowns the IRS stops handing out refunds, but the Trump administration is reversing that policy. The administration said it's trying to make it as painless for people as possible sin. Toya Brown is being granted clemency for killing a man who bought her for sex when she was sixteen years old outgoing Tennessee governor Bill half granted executive clemency on Monday, commuting Brown's life sentence. She was a victim of sex trafficking and was sentenced for killing the man she said trafficked her in two thousand four the Tennessee supreme court ruled in December that Brown must remain in prison for at least five. Fifty one years before she was eligible for release as part of her clemency. She'll be released to parole supervision in August after having been locked up for fifteen years. Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. A parolee who spent seventeen years in prison is under arrest for allegedly shooting and killing three people at a California bowling alley and Torrance last Friday night police chief Yves Irvine says Forty-seven-year-old Reginald Wallace was released from custody in two thousand seventeen following a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon involving a firearm. Fight broke out in the bowling alley between a couple of people that eventually grew to several more people at some point it grew into multiple people ten fifteen people all in a physical fight Irvine believes the fight ended with Wallace pulling out a handgun and opening fire killing three and injuring four others. He was arrested in Los Angeles.

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