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Weekend three point shooting contest winner and bird one at more than once. How many guys have won it more than once that many? I think it was bird Hodges. I think there's someone else in there that one of the couple of times. But the biggest thing for me. I was you know, those are my last two years in the league. And at that point when they I I had done the three point contest when I was younger probably seven eight years prior to that. And I had watched Danny aines the year before. And I always thought my game was kinda like Danny's. You know, we kinda have jumped on our show how you're going to get off these thirty shots or twenty five shots in a minute. I watched Danny just take the set shot. And so I said, okay, not in practice for it. I just went and did the the competition, and I took a such which was not my normal shot. And I wasn't very good. I don't think I've move maybe six or seven, you know, it was it was horrible. And so when asked me at the end of my career, I was like, you know, I don't I don't really wanna do this goal. You know, take the weekend. But my kids were at an age where they were enjoying the games. Now. They're I don't know they're probably seven and nine and my daughter was probably four at the time. And so, you know, what I'll do it for them and one of the things that was great and besides winning. It was I took the kids to meetings, you have this little meeting prior to it. And and this is where one thing that I always stood out in my mind. Allen Iverson had come in the league, and you know, all of his reputation. And this and that and come into these meetings and all the guys brought the kids we sat on the opposite side of the room just to kind of get him out of the way a little bit. And guys would come in and say, hey, Jeff, what's going on? How you doing, blah, blah, blah. You know, you kinda Wave Home and Alan Iverson was I think the last one to come in. He walked across the room. Shook my hand shook the kids of my kids hands, and I'm like, all right? This you know, because you don't know the kid here stuff on Sol. I was pretty impressed by that of you know, here he is to take the time and come over and say, hi, but it was fun for the kids to go through that. And you know, it's you'll see a video they probably show it still of the one in have three kids, and they're all different in their ways. You know, kids are all they're never the same. And my analytical kid he's counting on his fingers. How many I'm making my kid? That's you know, kind of really enthusiastic. He's jumping up and down raising his arms and my daughter's just kind of. She's four so she's just looking. So it was a great time for us. It was funny. How all star weekend your air of player. I think even from where you were at the end and then back all star weekend was important because for a lot of guys who didn't play for the Lakers or Boston or Philly who weren't really on TV all the time or didn't get exposure like being a three point contest being the dunk..

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