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Made me feel like okay. Like i feel more at ease now in this situation and just focus on the tennis part of it and was able to from there. Onwards can in the big matches play some of my best tennis. So it's all a part of i guess maturing You know we've seen players do the opposite. Ride play their first grand slam and win and then kinda struggle with what comes afterwards and so. I was really close in my first grand slam at the french open. Skip riady and who knows what would have happened if i would have won that match right. I don't feel that. I was ready now. I almost happy that it happened the way it did. Because i wasn't ready for what happens when you win a grand slam and the lifestyle that comes with it so so yeah it. It happened all very kind of organically naturally and i grew into the maturity Encore that i needed in those big moments. So funny you say like when you first grand slam. It's like you got to be ready for what comes after right. Because i think you know when i coach law and she wanted her first grants to two thousand seventeen. I don't think either of us was like ready for the target. That's on your back the expectation every time you lose now it's like a career win for somebody else and like global headline news. What i think about a girl emma. Emma player wants twenty-five here in chicago before the us open and she lost in the finals right to another teenager and she wins and when she won. I couldn't help but like feel like. Oh yeah have the same feeling you know. It wasn't like oh. My god is so great her life about the change that i it was kind of like. Oh for me like my mother instinct. Dixon ride like when i saw her. Afterwards i saw some people have her team. And i was like i hope she has good people around her who keep her. You know it will keep her kind of like who filter you know the toxicity that comes at you where i am as much as possible. You can kind of you know. You can't live in a bubble but yeah you just hope that yeah. I don't know that it stays healthy right. I think that's the whole point of it. Like i think that she she still so innocent and so natural out there. And which is what i absolutely loved i can. I don't. i don't even know how many times i've used the word amazing incredible these last few days since she's won the tournament gazettes. It's been an incredible story and You have to see her win at this year. Would to see her. Do it with such natural flair and the encored interviews the courts in the in the tv studios afterwards like. It's amazing to see her do that. So i hope that it doesn't change because i do feel like it can change right because of of the things that you meet and that's not you know a lot of people. Don't talk about that legacy even people close to you will change. People will want something from you all the time and it changes your whole the whole dynamic of your.

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