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From Michael Barry. He is the guy from the big short for those people who don't know. He tweeted this morning, he said, maybe. And he alluded, he went for this 2001 and put it a bounce a relief rally and he says, maybe this is where we're at. What do you think? Yeah, I agree. I think that that's where we are. Keep in mind, we just had one of the longest expansionary periods in history, right? I mean, basically we haven't had a recession aside from the COVID panic from 2009 to 2021. So you have to look at it in like at some point you have above trend growth for such a long period because the fed is stimulating at what point do we pay the piper and have below trend growth for an extended period of time. And that's what I'm worried about is that at some point you kill off the patient when you give them too much drugs. And if the fed goes back to printing, I mean, that's the worry for me. Speaking of drugs, I think I've got one or two drugs. If you come to South Africa that will make you very bullish. Maybe for the last four or 5 hours, but you'll be an absolute bull. I get those drugs from Jimmy. Garrett, listen, I know you need to go because the market's opening. Thank you so much for your time so much love from the banter fam. Thank you so much, man. Take care. Listen, time with Gareth is absolutely amazing and we called him this morning and I said, look, I know you're busy, but I need to get you on the show so he came on with short notice. I mean, so it's great to have everyone. All right, listen, do me a favor, smash up those lacks. What are the numbers of lacks looking like? 2000 likes, we give away a Rolex. It is the same Rolex as 780. That's the Rolex we're giving away or similar to this. It's a blackface sub Mariner. You need to get 2000 likes when we get 2000 likes. We can have that discussion. In the meantime, tomorrow, we're hosting a

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