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In addition to that, we have places like Karen, California to districts where backer and. Enter that have had some issues that they typically have not had in the past and typically as goes, California, specifically Orange County with Republicans then goes the rest of the state with the Republican Coordinational saints. You guys briefly mentioned the Senate race, it looks as if Mick Sally might be pulling through. This is really good news from Republicans in the Senate of court tip here, leftist tears tumblers to cocaine Mitch who was like my favorite guy of the year. I mean, how can you not love him? But AirAsia Senate race we have mixed Allen forty nine point two percent lead right now in Kristen cinema at forty eight point five percent. That's with almost sixty percent of the precincts reporting and the rest of the precincts that were remaining waiting four guys. We're we're taking a close look at that. When we're bringing you these reports because we know that certain precincts are gonna lean more left in certain precincts. Definitely more right? But the remaining precincts that were waiting to come in for Mick Sally are typically very GOP friendly districts. Ben also mentioned the good governor Scott Walker. I mean. This is really just unexpected tonight. I mean, people knew that this might be a tough race. But it is so incredibly close right now, we have Evans with forty nine point two percent and governor Walker with forty eight point nine percent with sixty four percent reporting. What is interesting here is once again, we're paying very close attention to specific precincts the precincts in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin areas, of course, are leaning very blue that standard for those areas. The rural areas are more red but have less Motors in them and the Green Bay area. I guess thanks Packers. I dunno sports. It is tending to lean read. So those are updates right now, Nevada and California are closing and just a couple of minutes. So we'll be continuing to bring in those updates as we get them. Base. Definitely one of my favorite basketball team. Going to be a really contested race. The current forecast from five thirty eight is deep plus thirty seven in the house, which is starting to look more like a wave and in the Senate are plus three. So it's, you know, again, more of the same from from the evening. But that that's a significant that is significant move. Yeah. For for for the House Democrats. They've picked up pretty much everywhere. I mean, they're going to have a substantial majority going into the next couple of years, and let's let you know for a second. We need to talk. Seriously about beta I know that we've been joking about a moment. He's going to lose by three points in Texas, which is amazing. That's that's a victim. That's absurd. Okay. Because the left made a huge deal out of Wendy Davis when she ran for governor against Greg Abbott. And then Greg Abbott beat her by more points than there are in in the world and alternative worlds as well. Three points in Texas, Ted Cruz who won his last race very very widely to to win by three points. Is that an indicator of a serious move on behalf of Democrats in the? State is that just going to feed democrat carts or pipe dreams of taking over Texas were is Texas beginning to actually kinda turned purple. If you would Glenn Beck said to us is true. And you've got two thousand people from California moving in there all the time. You know? I mean, I think that that is going to have an effect, and the the thing that would be interesting for us to start talking about publicly, maybe, you know, saying to our friends, the Democrats is, hey, you're running away from California. And you're going to Texas maybe should be start voting like Texas instead of bringing California to Texas maybe start voting like Texas. And and I think that that's you know, it's an end to stay in a place where the weather's great. What if you brought Texas values to Cal? No kidding. No kidding. That would that would be the wonderful thing..

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