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Bloomberg Television and Radio. I'm David Westin President Trump last night, once again criticized Mission Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her actions and shutting down parts of her economy. In response to covert 19 for a sense of the reaction within the state of Michigan. We welcome now are Detroit bureau chief. He is David. Well, so, David, welcome. Great to have you with us. So we heard President Trump said that Gretchen one way too far. Really? She's very unpopular. How popular is she in the state? Approval rating has been a pretty solid 52% all the way through this whole thing. And Trump's approval rating in the state, in particular, has ever waits to Coburg responses around 41 or 42%. So Suppose she has been beating him in terms of popularity. There is a very loud, very vocal group that really did not like how she him of this, but it is Republicans in the state House, but a lot of it socially speaking. We're some pretty hard Greg when groups that I'm seeing it for guns to the statehouse and that sort of thing, so I really know the general populace in the skate. Her approval rating has been selling and any indicator and should Biden's in on the pool anymore. From 7 to 10 points in Michigan today, because his sense of the voting and how it's going, we're hearing so much early voting absentee ballot mail in voting around the country. How's it going? How's it gonna break down in Michigan? We have a lot of actual voting going. I think it's already almost doubled the total from the last selection West. I look there almost two million early votes cast and many more. How about down applied for and I think last time I was actually 1.4 million, So it's not quite more than double, but it's a lot more than the total number of pride for its double. It's a lot of the bottom line. Um, I think there's benefit Democrats because a lot of Democratic voters wanted to the mail in ballot also knows anyone. Bayliss I think it's four times the number of young people have applied for them compared to 2016 and Trump doesn't do as well with people with voters who are 35 under so And to consign for Biden heading into the last week and a half for the It's interesting young people showing because some concerns were that we wouldn't get as many young people voting because the college campus which a pretty prominent Michigan they weren't up and running. Look a bacon Malin. I think they'll happily do it. But I think what you think about young people. There's a shopping online. They're they're not used to having to be. They have very good places to get things done. Maybe that carries over into voting, and now they have an option where they don't believe they're part of another house to do it, And that seems to be what's happening. Just get those numbers. It's fascinating. Thank you so much really appreciate you being with us. That's bloomers. Detroit bureau chief David Welch. You'll be part of our coverage on Election night, Tuesday, November 3rd that was started. 7 P.m. Eastern time Coming up, Join us for the second hour of balance of power on Bloomberg Radio. This is Bloomberg. This is a.

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