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The work week as were hidden under the super duper Superbowl weekend here's a matter of fact and the first thing we want to do is I forgot more you said the problems were here a little earlier K. long you don't have to write about here I will update you once again Jack from the mosque these on traffic center we are seeing some fog Jack here and there around the area now so do you some extra cost out there if you're driving in we're also seeing slowdowns on I seventy five southbound from valor to doctor king there's a crash off to the right shoulder just before I for their forest ridge road extremely slow southbound that's your earlier crash your sister's knoll circle and tarpon springs we have a crash down alternate nineteen approaching Klosterman road and just a reminder in Tampa we do have a water main break that has westbound Columbus drive blocked between Lincoln and Himes this report is sponsored by Florida department of transportation starting Friday January thirty first there will be no more cash lanes on the Suncoast parkway all told will be collected electronically and son passes the best way to pay there's a some bass dot com for more information extravagant date at seven twenty K. long as radio WFLA see traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five jocks tomorrow ninety ten on news radio WFLA like a late game too late for the press last night bolts beat the kings for the two and they play again on Friday and Saturday on the road be back here Tuesday got it today in history for January thirtieth eighteen thirty five in the first assassination attempt against the president.

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