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You know, I got choked up talking about my ESPN times. Right. I mean. Anytime Stewart gets mentioned, I get all clamped met my wife in the newsroom children are technically ESPN babies, right? So I understand they gave me that opportunity strolled in sportscenter nineteen ninety six at age twenty six and when they talk about the golden age of the SPN that was your hey dime. Fortunate to be included in that and viewed as that from people who remember it and watched it and all that and kids who are like kids people are like twenty three years old hag grew up watching in grade school freaks me out. But like Mike Holmgren see if I'm if I'm gonna analogize myself for Dion Lewis back. My congressman was in Seattle longer than was in Green Bay Adam Viteri Adam venit like Adam Viteri longer in. Indianapolis was in New England. Thank I've been at the NFL network twice as long than I was at he SPN. So I don't know what my point is. Except to say. This is my I get goosebumps thinking of this. On sports center. You know like that. That was my on the old set on the all, right? Schools theme. But every Sunday morning when NFL game day morning goes on the air and our before countdown. When that music comes on now, and I come out of my Ray Lewis smoke. I wanna be everybody. I'm competitive. I'm you know, what when it comes to that. I wake up dangerous every Sunday. Okay. So I can understand the on Lois. The first time when we ever should we ever knocking on this right here have a larger draft viewing audience than ESPN. I'll be like Dion Lewis the next day. Believe that I want some respect on my name. Right. We're now stop. That's me. That's Tiaret throw that one. I mean, you got the buttons in front of you play. Whatever the heck, I guess. Who's on the show this week's a lot of fun. That's coming up next..

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