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Want to mention the video conference symbols EM is near yearly highs it's a cloud based software for video and audio conferencing chat online stuff understood something like D. O. C. U. DocuSign that's neat that's above the fifty day moving average a rarity what do they do east signature solutions there's gonna be a lot east signatures right now our time is what which is been trashes up today and of course you can work out at home and guess what there's been announcement a lot of places gyms have shut down so that would help the peloton and I also want to mention gold stocks today are really outperforming the metal gold is actually down pretty decently the gold stocks are very strong today but that's because the folks listen I got a lack of the what better word they could they could crash last week the G. the extreme the gold miners went from forty delta twenty fifty percent the like five days and why would that be with gold holding up my best answer I was just an opinion their stocks stocks go down they take everything down but very good day today but still not very stretch down to the downside hi I can't give you an opinion I wouldn't tell you to trade a volume at this point in time all I know is we own some and we were suspicious up but the highs and we sold it with no blood but everything else look a little bit on the rough day there were some things that are sticking out for me and I'm gonna mention them but it's just for your review I believe apple is eight the fact kind of money market I really do believe a lot of fun managers buy a ton of it parking in there because it's the almighty apple I do want to let you know with so many stocks crashed and this one got hit hard to even call it crashes you call whatever you want but most stock symbol over the longer term two hundred day moving average as I speak today it undercut it and it is now back above it so it's a little you know the weight of the evidence I talk about when we scanned two thousand fifteen hundred two thousand spots today that just goes okay apple sold the two hundred day I almost bought a little bit today and then I thought smarter why do anything so you're in a bear market for stocks normally what we have seen just happened in a matter of one to three weeks usually you're hit thirty percent after about three or four months if not more remember bear markets to happen it's the normal course of business except with these morons at the fed that every time we get the bear market they go easier with their money and stop the real market from doing its thing this time guess what happened here what we told you would happen one day you know our line the market gave Jay Powell the rest of the central banks the big gigantic middle finger you know how you can get one of those big fingers when you go to sporting events but it's the index finger the market came J. Powell on the rest of the big middle finger screw you excuse my French screw you for the last fifteen months changing your stance lowering rates three times printing the hell out of money and then over the weekend he announces he's taken rate from one percent down to zero and you know what that means to each and everyone of you and merry uncle Bobby you savers out there he gave you the middle finger you now get nothing on your money market rates zero as John Vernon said in animal health zero point zero that's what Jay Powell said and I bet he expected markets to react well to that because on top of that he announced seven hundred billion dollars in quantitative easing printing money out of thin air to buy bonds but I knew it was meaningless do you know why because I can tell you he's been doing the not to we already even though he says it's not too weak because we don't really is he's been printing trillions over the last few months already that's number one he's been buying bonds already and we ask yourself a simple question how it's going to help the economy the take rate from one percent to zero besides **** savers it's not because I got news for you your mortgage rates are going to go that much lower they have to stay up somewhere your loan rates are going to go much lower so what's his goal his goal was to stop the markets from going down because of all the asset bubbles that they all created but this time the market said kiss mine we can tell you're desperate little nerd and we've had enough the so all the central banks have boxed themselves in like mixed nuts what next negative rates J. Powell in other words you deposit money some first with somebody and you got to give them the toaster what's next more printing of money what is that going to do nothing so they are in the box I feel like castrated jackass they didn't get you can't get nothing done but you know who can get something done ladies and gentleman hi our scientists a great health care workers the people that are stocking the shelves like mad at our supermarkets our great medical and tech companies that are coming out with new inventions and trying to come up with a vaccine the uber drivers that got fired from their regular job and now drive for a living the hot dog vendors in New York City the people serve you food at venues when you go to sporting events your doctors and nurses your lawyers your financial advisors.

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