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Kelly Republican representing Pennsylvania, sixteen district is a great guy. True public servant. He's one of the good ones down there in DC, congressman Kelly. Welcome back to the show, sir. Job. Good morning, everybody. Great great day. I know it's a Friday, but I love anything that has the word reform, when it comes to the IRS, Mike Kelly, God bless you, son. Godless, we spoke to a couple of months ago about that your, your IRS reform Bill. Remind us what that is. Exactly, if you would, sir. Kill what I think, for most of us, the worst letters, you can receive the, by the way, where are people listen to, you will never get a phone call from the IRS if you get that call. Yeah. Hang up. So much. Place. Everything you get from the IRS will be in the form of a letter. You won't get phone call. So having said that we thought was that the IRS should be customer service agency, as opposed to this overwhelming enforcement agents, scares the limit daylight all. That's exactly. Yeah. Get the letter from the IRS you open the letter and then you, call your lawyer and say, oh, my guy after me. But the whole idea behind taxpayer. Exactly. But it says jokes talking about how many times do you look at a piece of legislation. Say, hey sounds good. But you know what care, the rapper office, which inside that block? Label. This is truly. Heck Feher I meaning forced to sir should be people that supply every single penny to one run this wonderful form of government that we have. And that's let's take care of our taxpayer. So turn this into a service turned into a customer first service, turn this into protecting the tax payers, as opposed to something that's open well-meant heavy hand on you. It's all your throat skating daylight during the Jesus, when you get that communicate. So we're trying to do is just make it more efficient more effective higher. Let's, there's a lot of people working for the SEO. We talk about these things the FBI right now getting beat. Right. But you know what the IRS about seventy four thousand people that worked to the IRS. No late that he worked for the IRS, who they really work for the American taxpayer us. Right. Right. They have a budget of eleven point seven billion dollars last year. Although ours, all those dollars, faith, four provided by American taxpayers stretch health, we'd be scared to death of the people. We are paying for don't run the agency force out along the way people doing a great job we have to elect revenue to this program running the country running. But the let's really start to take our hats off to the people that provide the weapon on that taxpayers, hard-working American taxpayer. So we weren't changed agency from an adversary position into one. That's a resource for America's you're not afraid to contact the IRS, if you have if you have a problem, you should be afraid to sit down and talk and say this gun although exchange from seventy eight thousand pages down to a little over two thousand pages, the rules, the regulations. Please help me through the slow walk me through this. So I'm sure that. Yeah. I did. Congressman is it passed. It passed the Senate is the president. Yeah. No go ever gonna have the white hot for President Trump to sign. So this is. The Washington we're actually Republicans and Democrats get together do something. It's the best into how the people out there, which is an unusual. You know, congressman I gotta take out because I'm not surprised that it's from you, because you like to my buddies, congressman king, or lease Elden. You know, there's some great congressman that do reach out to the site. Is this did you work with John Lewis on this, if I may ask here? Yeah, we didn't work with John Lewis on. I'm Lynn that waiting mean for Cuneo. But I'm also on the subcommittee for oversight. And this is a base came out of oversight know John Lewis is if I wanted comes to. The move at the early boom it back over rights, five guys. Pettus bridge, and an east and I cried person when it comes to race relations and equal treatment, he's a fine gentleman. Great opportunity to work with him. I think again show so often philosophy wash. We work together hand in hand on the lot of make this other stuff is going on right now destroys the fate, and the trusted, people have McGovern because look, this is about chasing a president who is on is one of the greatest presidents ever over something that's fully on over the fact that they don't like the fact of what the American people did in two thousand sixteen that was applying elect somebody who's not a politician. But a person that actually actually interest of American people not just consult, so listen. John is a great guy out work with icon, a guy for those things. I'm sure that I'll look back in my lifetime and say, you know what certain time in my life was actually able to go and serve this wonderful, wonderful country and do some things that makes us to the people that supply every. Single penny. Crop rated. Yeah. You don't a Kelly was a on your Bill, which was somewhat controversial, which was removed before they pass it. What we're of that in? Why was it remove sir? That was the free valley program, and the people that all of a sudden say, wait a minute. It's free valley, really is giving these different agencies or institutions attest to, to sell somebody, something down the line as opposed to just being a free out and this was this was worth. It was being done in, and it was being done in a way that would help taxpayers. Navigate this system wasn't costing tax payers anything, but you know what Joe you know as well as I do the perfect always good. And somebody pick that up long enough and hard enough to say, wait a minute. We're trying to do taxpayers with this is just giving them an invitation to get into their, their lives and actually sell them something down the road away comes to those types of services. So, because the became such a born and, and some people state. I think it still be there for people, but it won't be parts of the air was called the game was called again. We're really unusual really hard understand what's called free file, meaning cost of these people that were using that service, nothing it was being done for free to help them file their income tax. So all of a sudden, it became no these, these people into it, they'll out of some. Some. They got to always takes up back just why just to take something back. I mean, that's what they all seem to wanna do about surprise. Listen. I gotta give you so much credit congressman Kelly this congressman Kelly on the phone with Joe on the radio at his six forty seven. Great guy from Pennsylvania sixteen and tell you what I'm surprised that congress had time to vote on this survey, I thought, they'd be busy, holding members of the Trump administration in contempt. You know. I mean when our lives. We look at this on saying, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? So what I have years later, forty million dollars the greatest travesty of all the lives that the mullahs report destroyed in trying to find something that never existed is made up came out of the campaign. And I think when the American people look back in this, they are going to say, oh, my God. This is what happens in third world countries. This is what happens when you have a one away government this closely squashing, the public think of all those lives have been destroyed the people, the reputation future all what? Because people just couldn't believe fact that Donald Trump came forward with a plan makes us the American people to, you know what more craft. I'm sick and tired of hearing politicians who only care if I get into the retire, but I'm going to bring a guy in for me outside, take a you cut in pay to walk away from tremendous life, a beautiful wife of beautiful family, and going back every day by group of people have never done a champion the light and look for something to be long. So you know what at times, you get you get frustrated with it. But here's the thing. And all our listeners Joe what you do. Everyday is incredibly important. I want to if we walk away if we turn our backs on what's going on right now. So you know what I'm sick of it. I don't wanna earbud it. It's over for us. We have to fight this fight. We have to play this thing, the echo of the whistle. Not just the whistle. The echo the whistle to protect phenomenal country, where so many people died to give us the rights. We have. Vide the man congressman, Mike Kelly, God bless you for working with the with the other side, and you're trying to reform the IRS. God bless you for that, Mike. And, you know, hopefully, see as soon you're one of the great ones down there, my friend and godspeed to you congressman Kelly. Thank you. Heard every day for a long, long time. Very live. We have to win. We can't walk away where we, we are on congressman, and thank you, sir. Thank you so much, Mike Kelly right there. That's Vania sixteen great guy. Great guy. He one of those down to earth guys and truly a great patriot. Joe Piscopo on the radio ten minutes.

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