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The o'neill tunnel it's tied up as well in the airport tunnels and the liver connector down ram Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the three digital federal credit union sponsors the four day WBZ accu weather forecast here's meteorologist dean devore so pretty cloudy around the city north shore communities in England summers would you head out of the city down towards the south shore in the south coast in the sun is down so that's what's going to happen here I think a in the places that are cloudy or will start to see some sunshine as we get through the middle of the day temperatures today pretty comfortable Jeff seventy two right near the harbor and the water's edge in up to about seventy six inland and then clouding back up tonight maybe a shower would stay very close down to sixty five tomorrow summers back for a day up to about eighty five with clouds and some sun a thunderstorm and places later in the afternoon and evening back to cooler varying amounts clouds Thursday couple showers specially early highs in the low to mid so. these coolest day and maybe the sunniest day is Friday evening or seventy and then it warms back up this weekend upper seventies to near eighty right now looks like there's a chance of a couple showers Saturday but dry Sunday I thank you with a beer all just need to bore WBZ bosses newsradio these clouds are starting to get pushed away right now but still mainly gray skies and sixty four in Boston I can always make it a girls night out depending on what I had in the bank then I switch to DC you and open their free checking account now I get my paycheck up to two days early which means more fun what would you see you mean to you insured by NCUA membership required is a DC you dot org let's take a look at New England business this our sponsored by Boston interiors upholstery sale it is a twenty six and biotech of course always been big business here in Massachusetts and state officials are now adding fuel to that fire by adding nearly two million dollars to some well placed life sciences companies ten early stage firms are getting a slice of this pie the Massachusetts life sciences center says this is important because a lot of the venture capital.

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