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Host, Mike Miller, odd, k wax. Yes, folks. Good garni. We are live and lively from Saint Louis composting valley park location, which is on avenue just north of forty four between really forty four. And we're the Merrimack river. No, no, no, no, no doesn't matter. But it's right on one. Resolve alum is right off one forty one. There's a stop light. You don't have to worry about all the construction seems to be done it road wise, but there is some construction right here by Saint Louis composting. So, but it doesn't interfere with your ability to come out in today's a perfect data. Come to Saint Louis composting any of the locations because they're not overloaded with work because of the weather and everything else. So if you have questions or concerns or comments, you stop by Saint Louis composting the locations are, of course, the valley park location where we are Belleville facility. That's on mine hall road floor some facilities on county park road, Maryland heights facility Pacific facility and the city of Saint Louis. Solely all kinds of other stuff going on in the outdoors. Just thank goodness for the rain. No. We wanted to have a dry day. So we could be here. San Luis composting and go around and sniff all the piles of all the organic matter and everything else, and I did walk around and do some sniffing, but I didn't do a whole lot because I was getting kinda soaked. Remember, this is your show, and we're going to be talking about your landscape your lawn. Your gardens your house, plants, are whatever's on your mind, and we're gonna try to make I'm going to try to share information with you..

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