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Yeah, This is a big one. If it comes off advanced Microdevices is said to be in talks to buy Xilinx Sources Tell us the discussions are in an advanced stage and a deal could be announced as early as next week could be worth $30 billion. A deal to buy Xilinx would put a M D and a much stronger position to compete with Intel in the market for data center computer components. You back in the day. I would have been familiar with any company worth $30 billion, But I'm completely unfamiliar with either of those So alright, most job. Yeah, they will avoid the malls this holiday season. Yeah. Just 45% of consumer surveyed by the International Council of Shopping Centers expect to shop in the mall. 64% visited malls last November and December. The council says there will be an increase in e commerce this year. Deals will be spread out over a longer period. More than half of the respondents say they'll make it a point to buy from some smaller businesses that have been hurt by the pandemic. Right. A friend of Laurie Allen gonna close some U. S stores. I don't know that I've seen a Loreal store. Yeah, there are some. I haven't haven't seen that They sell a lot through drug stores, of course, the drug. The French company says it is restructuring its American luxury operations, and the move will affect as many as 400 US workers. Some will be offered moves to other locations. Loreal did not say how many stores will be closed. All right. So futures were looking like what They are still positive. SNP futures up 14 points now. NASDAQ futures are up 34 on the Dow Futures are up 111 from Bloomberg. I'm Jeff Garlin. Jura news radio 700 wlw Back.

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