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He gets out of school goes to flag football to go to tackle football. Braggers me and my daughter wants to go to, you know, she has to do. So I'm a professional driver for my kids. Not only that you're a hall of Famer to give yourself some respect. Bryner lacquer the game of football, appreciate you. What you did for Chicago is very thankful for me. I am so thankful you join the show. You're the absolute man, great human ladies and gentlemen hall of fame, Uber driver, Brian Urlacher. Thank you so much. Hey, at your lacquer fifty, four follow money, internet. That was awesome. Thank you so much. I did not expect him to be that awesome. Every time he speaks to the mainstream media is real low. He kinda he, but he speaks fast in. I enjoy him a lot. I think are like, I would be good friends let loose and he put his feet up and that's all mad. He would be an awesome due to sit down and just watch game with up. Can I? I'm going to try to make that happen. I don't know how much I have to pay. He loves his family doesn't like traveling, you know. So it's kind of difficult, but it would be awesome to have him in here with me one Sunday whenever I'm doing my brain videos and shit, he'd be cool just to have him sitting there and see what he picks up and he notices good guy did not expect him to be that awesome of a dude, to be honest, you just like petting or by the way, reminded me a padding or just obviously taller faster. Patankar would say felt like I was speaking to Pat anger that's up middle linebacker, just absolute quarterback of the defense, humble good for him. Good for Besser. Having him for so long been telling for years. He says, the Packers are gonna win. That's gonna be tough. He was so happy. Whenever you're asking a question, he's gonna answer it when he heard that Aaron Rodgers, he was so happy. It was. That was awesome. I really enjoyed that interview. If you could please send a tweet at b. lacquer fifty four and tell him, thanks for coming on. I'd be very grateful. He's probably gonna sign something for a hundred million next week. If I had to guess you don't have to have a hundred million dollars.

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