Senator Mark Warner, England, Packers discussed on Ron and Don Show


Kennedy for over ninety years now with locations in north getting county the everett clinic carter of curse christian stories that matter opinions the pre perspective this is where you find out why k i article f o columns cbs news i'm jim taylor regal eight days after maria mired in misery cbs's david begg knows that many on the island don't have running water so marines are taking saltwater from the harbour and filtering it ended drinkable water others are canvassing hospital we have fuelled truck sitting out there on what we call a quick reaction force with marines who are ready to go and mapped out what hospitals they need to go to and we'll get there before the lights go out people die as a tall order governor of hurricane hit florida rick scott visiting puerto rico today where there are miles long lines for gasoline issues not actually get fuel in right out there actually is gay issue of heating fuel out of the court into the gas station at the port into where they have all the generate cracking with a thundering war massive new rockfall in your somebody national park today another humongous hunk of el capitan rock formations sliding down to the valley floor one day after a similar slide killed a climber their audio savannah reaction do reports of sonic attacks on us diplomats in cuba cbs's steve dorsey broke the story and these latest detail the us will draw down its embassy in havana leaving just a shell filled with a central personnel only according to sources familiar with the plan the state department will pull out most eric and staff and their families cuba says it never had anything to do with the attacks but sources raise concerns that country's regime must have had some involvement in the attacks on diplomats that began nearly a year ago at least one lawmaker is calling for a similar number of cuban diplomats to be kicked out of washington about those ads on twitter push a russian agenda we are learning not much neither is senator mark warner disappointed with that companies appearance on capitol hill shown up enormous lack of understanding from the twitter team how serious this issue is that for offices to democratic institutions thursday night football the remain packers and the chicago bears linking arms with teammates during the national anthem today this is the sound of approach protest today in new england fans burning jerseys with names of players who have kneeled during.

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