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Rough patch because at the saw passengers name just kinda walks out restore scoring points scandals. Who came to. There's enough to win win a silver medal which was a rebuff. Read half this dayton's three points off the danes. They were the strongest statement as well. It will on. Michael cost being trying for a long time and not event you and you in my walls. Both very young i mean. Do you see yourselves as a long term partnership deal towards paris. Do you think you'll still be writing the track at the next olympics or or dc yourself focusing more on the road in the coming years Will do more on the road and coming. But i think Trucks always gonna made option snus especially something that madison for example very strict and team size olympics. Which is why you have to be quiet specialists time but say i did the road all the time. Trial for example. Sh the You could do the medicines. Well she's austin bay the interesting mix creating wealth someone like me and maybe not as well and I read that and i could. I could even change events. the olympics. Next time round nog soccer show on offense goes done in pasadena they certainly have yeah But yeah. I mean michael moore cove made a a very strong case for the continued inclusion. The madison didn't a. m. was great event. Is enough people saying how crazy as how good it was to watch at the same time. Ethan let you get back to her and hill there soaking out like my fear that i can hear in the background cycle never fully committed. I'm sure they are. And you got your silver medal with the of you. Yeah especially. Monica spin on london news. So oh nice funny ass And anything else on your program at the end of the year. Yeah i think i might. I might do the road voice depending on how come through the rest of the season. You know if. I'm not good enough in october on doctor. I'm not good enough. The the road walls in belgium before colon. Jv tape will be stronger hoping to win. I think and i might have a crock. Tom charles wireless assumes llamas. Ethan hate there are silver medallist at the olympic games. I mean will not will not go back over the begins. You covered that very well over the last couple of weeks chops but The the whole subject of technologies interesting. I thought watching the trot racing but it is a different sport in a way m the the the. The changes and bikes handlebars and things seem to be an accelerating quite rapidly and that might be something that uci take an interest in. But i'm personally no. I'm not a huge fan of some of the developments in place and so on. You want here different view. Listen to the league service. Course because tom walley lizzy banks discussed this. I discuss this with lizzie today as well. She's she's very excited about seeing. For example. the hope bike that was developed for the british team with the very white stays on the road. And she thinks it might even appear at the world championships. Possibly 'em in some way shape performed on a thought her discussion by that with tamale in the latest service course which is also by. The japanese kieran was absolutely fascinating. So have listened to that and we're releasing at this week as well m offense special. It's kate wagner final. Diaries from the turn of france and she recorded three episodes of clumsy during the tour amit. It was very well received and her latest. Our final diary from is out for friends of the podcast this week. So if you want to immerse yourself in that 'em it's really good and you can sign up as a friend of the podcast at this. I cleaned podcasts. Don't come just dimension for mitch. Dockers latest life in peleton episode. Because he's having a little siesta while the welter is on or the other the podcast as He caught up with ashley movement. Paseo and not episode is online now and notable really for ashley moment pastures description of the women's road race at the olympics. Really fascinating and saw in the episode of life in appellant talking to mitch. Did they don't take each other on recently up rocket chorba mitch. And ashley soldatov. Well you hear about ashley. Latest exploits on rocker. Chorba the climb not financially ruin johns. I think he knew that while into. Don't let's not sorry just spoils. After a week on this podcast itinerary. That sort of france not train training richard loves a nice nice but nice bit tapering for him there and gone riding his bike up to capsizes after a week on returnable twitter franz diet. Wha- galea's if you're listening we're way we're way Excellent that's terrible darker and Anyway listen we should wrap things up. We're off to burgos. We can daniel anything else going to tell us. The the name of our vuelta coverage well rich are vuelta coverage. This year will go by the title. The name the theme world past vuelta which means twists and turns and we will be covering charting chronicling all of the twists and turns most interesting things. Look to daily feature champs little teaser. Here called pinchas pinchas richard. You should know you've been to that part. What pink shorts. We've we've done. We've covered pink pink channels pink catha punctures. That's all safer now. Great food and punctures excellent. Well that's all for this week. Great to be back in the podcasting seidel only a little bit rusty quite rusty. Actually bob get to swing things that the vuelta and i'm looking forward to so we'll reconvene on saturday evening after the opening time-trial then.

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