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Window world simply the best for less Foxnews I man Carrick, President Trump's signing executive action Saturday form or economic relief in the wake of the krone virus pandemic while Congress remains gridlocked included federal unemployment benefits of $400 a week to replace the $600 a week those people are unemployed right now will continue to get their state unemployment, but they'll get that extra from the federal government so they can continue to pay their rent, pay their housing and move forward. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Sunday morning futures. The president's order is likely to be met with legal challenges for threatening to bypass Congress on federal spending. Primary voting in Puerto Rico today is partially suspended because of a lack of ballots. The elections commission says centers without balance by early afternoon will have voting rescheduled while voting continues in other locations. Officials are calling on the president of the commission to resign. America's listening to Fox News Putting the smart and yours smart speaker. 5 50 k fly on high heart radio Welcome back to handle on the law marginal legal advice. Honey. Hello, Bonnie. Mail.

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