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On the times in which we could completely rely on others a more or less over so who can europe rely on the could be a surprising answer dreamworks gently she she china will continue to implement promises made in the paris agreement also in this program we less than a week from the british general election and the power and fragility of the it that rules the world all that after this hello i'm eileen mccue with the bbc news the us defense secretary james mattis has sought to reassure asian allies of america's continuing support by criticising chinese island building in the south china sea general mattis said beijing's militarization of the region was under mining stability that he also praised china's efforts to reduce nuclear tensions he was speaking as a regional security conference in singapore we cannot a sharp chinese action that impinge on the interest of the international community undermining the rule based ordered the benefit all countries here today while competition between the us and china the world's two largest economies is bound to occur conflict is not inevitable our two countries can and do cooperate for mutual benefit despite these comments some think president trump is giving china more leeway in the south china sea in an effort to enlist support in tackling north korea china has not yet commented on mr mattis's.

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