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In the first all black version of guys and dolls he earned a tony nomination and nights in seventy seven he was also the first african american to sing the title role of phantom of the opera and he appeared in her allwhite cast in los angeles that he was definitely a groundbreaker any trendsetter when it came to hollywood he was movies and he also was in the lion king i believe he played the um the magical monkey that helped little simba become the king and so you know very very talented vadly prostate cancer that i've been look at this we have to african american men who passed at the age of eighty nine and you know we talk about life expectancy an african american men are usually behind the eightball when it comes to heart disease more so than african american woman white men white women hispanic man has vannak women and look at how we are able to increase the you know the longevity and the life expectancy and that style of bensaid he appeared to be in good shape you know fled stomach voyage he appeared to really keep us wait fats domino no fence domino's five five two hundred pounds and still he lifted 89 so there's any um if there's any you know silver lining to see what happens with these two is you know black men are living longer black women white men wh when we hispanic latino the american we asia we are living longer and it it's phenomenal especially with african americans of.

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