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<Speech_Male> I'm everywhere at <Speech_Male> our ET two one one <Speech_Male> three. You can <Speech_Male> follow me everywhere. <Speech_Male> I'm fun <Speech_Male> to talk to and always <Speech_Male> great. <Speech_Male> Bowling for soup, <Speech_Male> new album coming out in <Speech_Male> April, new single coming <Speech_Male> out here in just a couple of <Speech_Male> weeks. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Dot com <Speech_Male> is your <Speech_Male> ticket to that. <Speech_Male> And then <Speech_Male> Jared Reddick <Speech_Male> dot com is <Speech_Male> your ticket to <Speech_Male> my four podcasts, <Speech_Male> my <Speech_Male> four bands. I have a <Speech_Male> new country album coming <Speech_Male> out. <Speech_Male> It's just tons and tons <Speech_Male> of stuff. <SpeakerChange> Wow. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> rockstar <Speech_Male> dad show is a podcast. You can get anywhere, Jared <Speech_Female> goes the movies, podcast, you can <Speech_Male> get anywhere. <Speech_Male> And lots <Speech_Male> and lots of laughs. <Speech_Male> And, <SpeakerChange> you know, <Speech_Female> and I talk about team moms <Speech_Female> sometimes. Oh my God, <Speech_Female> we absolutely. <Speech_Female> Do you like <Speech_Female> all the less? I <Speech_Female> have to tell you, I <Speech_Female> can not, <Speech_Female> for the <SpeakerChange> life of me, <Speech_Female> go to Ohio without <Speech_Male> thinking about you. <Speech_Male> Yeah. Well, thank <Speech_Female> you. That's <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> on purpose. Yes. <Speech_Female> And that is a no, <Speech_Female> I'll really enjoy <Speech_Female> when I <SpeakerChange> expose her <Speech_Female> to my musical tastes. <Speech_Female> Yeah. <Speech_Female> She did in the car <Speech_Female> we were going to <Speech_Female> Costco the other day. <Speech_Female> And she's like, let's listen <Speech_Female> to bowling for soup. <Speech_Female> And we do. Yeah, she's <Speech_Male> like wow. <SpeakerChange> I feel like <Speech_Male> we're on a road trip. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> We have <Speech_Male> just released a <Speech_Female> new single called getting old <Speech_Female> sucks, but everybody's <Speech_Male> doing it. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> we have a new <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> a <Speech_Male> new single like I said <Speech_Male> coming out here and there's <Speech_Male> a couple of weeks. Tour <Speech_Male> dates are a little bit weird <Speech_Male> right now because we're still <Speech_Male> just getting past the <Speech_Male> whole COVID thing. Sure. <Speech_Male> But <Speech_Male> rob and I <Speech_Male> will be going to Europe <Speech_Male> in December. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> We'll <Silence> be back active in <Speech_Female> the spring. <Speech_Female> Amazing. We're so <Speech_Female> excited to have you. <Speech_Female> And guys, <Speech_Female> as always, you could follow <Speech_Female> the podcast that teen <Speech_Female> mom trash talk on <Speech_Female> Instagram team mom podcasts <Speech_Female> on Twitter. <Speech_Female> And you could follow <Speech_Female> me at trixie to <Speech_Female> xenia on Instagram and <Speech_Female> Twitter you could follow Noel <Speech_Female> at noy girl <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> make sure you're giving <Speech_Female> us a 5 star rating in <Speech_Female> an amazing review <Speech_Female> if you love what you're <Speech_Female> hearing and you need <Speech_Female> to join <Speech_Female> the Facebook group. <Speech_Female> We're over on <Speech_Female> Facebook. Teen <Speech_Female> mom trash talk podcast <Speech_Female> and the <Speech_Female> password to get in <Speech_Female> is besties BES <Silence> TI, <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Advertisement> E, <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> S <Speech_Female> all <Speech_Female> right. All right? <Speech_Female> Thank you so much. <Speech_Female> All right, bye <Speech_Female> guys. Bye.

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