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Yeah. Who's your pick their JT? I'm exactly the same as John Gaspar. I love majestic done hill. I've been thinking about them all week long. All right. The race following the Commonwealth the grey to Shakur town is always a head scratcher. When you sit down to look at it five and a half furlongs on the turf course here today, another strong field set to go, Johnny. Why don't you start first on this one too? This one here is I can never pick. These seems like these five and a half for a long turf races. They're just they're very difficult for me. But I'm gonna go with the horse that I think will win it today. And that's that's Wesley wards horse bound from bound for nowhere. He's kind of a he's two for three here at Keeneland on the turf he actually won the shaker town last year here. So that's going to be my pick. He's four to one Lewis is I like the way Louis rides. He's a very aggressive rider. I think you've put him in the right spot on. No, there's always a lot of speed in these races. I just think that being that he is a little bit on the outside. He doesn't have to have the lead. He can he can kinda just sit there and see what happens. As far as horses that could be second third. I believe me, I have no opinion on the rest of just I mean to me, you know, anyone of these things could jump up and be second like say, for instance, Roger fields horse. He's thirty two one. And he ran a very good race last time. He's got some speed. I don't know if he's got quite the class that that that'll get him there. But it doesn't surprise me. Kristoff command source would probably be the favorite disco partner. He hasn't run since November in at Ecuador. But you know, he's I mean he was two for seven last year. He was in the money six times out of seven. So if you're using you know, if you're putting it you almost have to use him. If you're using the tricks. I mean, put him in the somewhere trifecta exact is whatever. But my my pick would be Wesley source bound for nowhere number nine. We'll see a bunker nowhere could do it by the way thirteen horses entered into that shaker town if all thirteen run. That would be the largest field in the history of the race twelve the current top number. That's happened on four different occasions. Michael great to shake or town. How do you see it? And I think speaking of rod Ortiz I saw him earlier today. And now he's high on disco partner very high class horse runs, well, fresh he's got great speed figures as a very fast horse and his prepped pay. Some park has got solid works over that deep track. He's well drawn Scott tactical speed. We know he gets the distance. And you know, I think his class is going to put them right there at the finish. Yeah. His New York bred that can really motor home and coming off of a solid year two thousand eighteen is well JT, what do you think bound for nowhere? I saw a picture of him on Twitter schooling yesterday. He looks insatiable. He's prancing dance. And he looks ready to run. Imprimis is a horse that I thought maybe had a chance to be in the mix. He's he's number eleven. He he looked good last time. He's he's suiting the five eighths. I think and he should get a good trip and disco partner. I mean, he's the best horse. He's made a million three. He's a horse. You can't leave off your ticket. He may not win. Sometimes he needs a raise off the layoff. So that's a little scary. He's seven years old now. So he might need the knock the rust off like the rest of us old Geezer. We're gonna find out post time for the shaker town comes up at four thirty five eastern time here at Keelan this afternoon again, John Gaspar Michael hearner from gains weight they are handicapping the races for us. So we're gonna move onto the next one before we get to our our next commercial break. It's the grade one Madison stakes seven furlongs on a main track that should be fast on a gorgeous after noon here at Keeneland later today field of what we have in here..

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