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The eclipse maybe because this story came out over the weekend i'm assuming it was a one week on si because he has pm hadn't commented a an unopposed afternoon all that said through thursday afternoon was we're looking into it and doing so in quick search and they haven't commented yet i'm betting and this is also richard deitz choose saying the same thing whose schwartz illustrates media reporter he covers all the stuff that is likely a suspension and not a firing because they've had so much churn over there on espn radio they're losing my greenberg on the mike and might show ryan's kind of been their most consistent guy throughout all this and he didn't really hurt anyone there was no domestic violence there was no violence that just begin arrest antidrug a drank a little too much right he certainly had arrested but not as embarrassing some of the other things in the past the people had gunfire foreign sometimes people look at fired over their lives sexual harassment issues of read the the years and make up and he was enormous so is it'll entries the charge which was a misdemeanor in wyoming it with a maximum punishment of six months in jail in seven hundred fifty dollar find and i was more wondering whether this would cost him his career or not depends i guess if he's got good ratings of his ratings are good and they'll probably get rid of on this to be an excuse maybe as a problem needs get help and then he's got a problem yeah but yeah kind of interesting or maybe you could blame it on altitude you know i'm not used to drinking at altitude key play he should blamed on the eclipse that he looked at the sign if he is out there for the clips that you guys you know looking at as i was able to look at the sun at all that long in his mugshot here so he was trying to make his as he'll better by drinking and then a stretch but okay his demeanor charged and then another a celebrity meltdown this is an actor named jason mitchell who played easy e in the movie uh street out a compton tmz is the video of jusen melting down at your funding some would sitting in his first class seat on a delta flight he unloaded a string of expletives on the flight attendants the pilot and.

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