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We just think of those other students. That's the south of the concert in there. They're going to go through this process. And reject all lov order and permit violence to occur. And and say that. We're doing this because everybody has the right to practice their personal beliefs they do. But there's one rule you can't commit violence and i would say in this episode. The boss was there and the father was just merely participating in a little bit of justified defensive. His family yeah exactly exactly well. I guess we're about done today. Dr paul i'm just going to finish it unless you did. You have something else that you wanted to bring up. We getting close to a close We'll here's a hot How about the irish irish. I almost forgot before irish. Yeah yeah a little bit of their freedoms back right. Yeah and this is another one. I listed as this is good stuff because more loss of credibility is not our government but sometimes our government. Well we just talked about an episode how they treated this individual defending his daughter So it's it's weird. How how Worldwide this effort is. That's that's that's the part. That probably scares me more than anything. Is that the influence of the universities. And the awoke of woke movement They've much more further along than i ever thought they could do. Just snapping their finger yeah But then there. This is an an irish episode fact absurd masked mandated in irish ice clubs but not when drinking But not when drinking or dancing he. Can't you have to wear a mask. But if you're if you're if you're drinking dancing you don't you don't have to wear the mouse so my bet you there'd be that's good I got it good for business. Sell more more alcohol or something that liquor. The liquor manufacturers are going to love maybe even wrote this rule but it's it's amazing that The silliness doesn't come through of course If you look at the major networks. They never emphasize the silliness with eight. Arise anybody who complained about it Are the hypocrites. And they're the enemy and they're they're they're trying to disrupt thing and and they're unscientific and and all this nonsense but that's this is nonsense if i've ever seen someone else wrote. This is not my original thought but it's a great solution for the problem. Dr paul of nurses who are refusing to get vaccinated and they're being fired and that's causing huge crisis you know. So here's a great solution. The nurses who refuse to get vaccinated one. Let them wear a mask because masks work right just given the opposite of a mask the mask work but unfortunately that's not going to. That's not going to play out. But i would just close by reminding. I haven't done this in a while. But going to ron paul institute dot org and subscribing to our updates. We don't send them out very often. Certainly not like some people but we do keep you posted. What's going on in there. Might be some changes coming up. We want alert you to some events coming up that we want to alert you to obviously as we've told you all the time we're not going to sell or rent or steeler borrow your names That's just between us. And we value your privacy but do subscribe for free so.

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