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Money at this event is when you go to the vendors and you really find something really cool and you want to buy it or have really a big philanthropic endeavor okay so food dodd and rescue mission runs a drug. Rehab Program Okay and they actually Ashley come in with a whole team of people and they put on a community breakfast now that all of your money's going in to support the Ogden rescue mission and we do not touch a dime of that but we we support the event we provide them with the space we provide them with some of the things that they need to make this happen and so when we take a look at the philanthropic endeavor in the three days this mission makes over ten thousand dollars and that funds a good portion of their drug sure agree how programs for down the Fed and come by food because that goes right back into the community and it goes right back into helping others so you know when we take a look at doing business. That's good for everyone. You know. This event has so many good philly things behind it that the sponsors love it and they want everybody to attend. That's why it's free. It's free you know you're going to. You're going suspend your gas to get up there. I mean I would say throw. Fifteen people in the car strapped onto the roof drive up there. It's a wish we haven't heard from Sir. Let let's say let's up. So how does how. Where are you at connected with that example and I'm. I'm just curious how this is put together from on your end yeah absolutely so. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while like I so I'm pretty involved with at the blockchain community here in Utah and I've been to several conferences. <hes> elsewhere deal very very soft well. I've been working out. She needs a bigger ego bigger. We set forms you can you can own it us a little bit <hes> so my you know what I've wanted to do. I love doing events and creating experiences for people <hes> and so I really wanted to <hes> do something like this but I didn't want to start from the ground up so that it's been about since I've been in the crypto space which has been about two years. I've been wanting to do something similar to this and <hes> but I didn't. I knew I didn't need it to be. I didn't need to make it from the ground up right so this was perfect perfect to just have something that we've that's already been created and then we just kind of like infiltrate into it and make it happen so last year we actually did something similar with with a cryptocurrency called Dash. It was a small a smaller event here in Salt Lake and it worked really well. We have a couple of food trucks. That were accepting dash and dash thing do you were you there. Did you know I remember hearing all right. Yeah Yeah so <hes> so you know full circle. We were showing. Maybe that's what I was thinking so. Dash is actually a type of crypto. Yeah exactly yeah decentralized yeah so <hes> so it worked really well. We're really swimmingly so why not keep it going and so putting in the the speakers of of you know making it <hes> as as basic as possible as far as you know. I've really tailored the subject matter so that <hes> <hes> you know it's for easily understood for the general public and showing full like okay what's going on with like a lot of the fear of of losing crypto what if it gets hacked or what if the Internet you know shuts down and things like that so really trying to say okay well. These are things that you do to to prevent those things like you. You really should be keeping your wallet on your person or in your paper. Don't keep it on an exchange things like that so I she probably go run home and take your teaching so there's a lot going on. There's <hes> I also really passionate about <hes> you know finding people that aren't even involved or even have heard of Bitcoin that you know they might have problems in their industry with what they do this and that they're geniuses in their industry and all they need is just to be educated on how this technology is helpful for them. The industry survey interrupt you. How did you get this <hes>. Wouldn't it the passion for this bitcoin start with yours for good question junior <hes> so it's pretty common that you know we say we fall down the rabbit hole and there's there's always like inception layers of like oh my minds blown. Oh now I get it. Now I get I think one of the biggest ones for me was <hes> just understanding the decentralized nature of <hes> Bitcoin and it's <hes> it's not going anywhere as much as you say decentralized. Could you explain that to because I get it. I understand where you're going going at but yeah you lost me well. It's the coolest. Slow your mind right now. It is the coolest part. This is the coolest. This is what makes bitcoin or crypto currency so cool. Yeah Bank doesn't control it country yeah so basically if I can put the simple terms of we have several million <hes> servers that <hes> that work together to make bitcoin happen <hes> and it's open source and open source meaning. Anybody and everybody can do it if they want yeah so. That's what we call a fork. <hes> we can go into your uh-huh anyway. You may be going to know what you're GONNA go. That's fine but there's others that will I don't know what the hell no worries <hes> so <hes> it just means that it's controlled by people that that make it happen. <hes> you know so oh by the people for the people yeah and <hes> it's. Kinda the same idea like you know. I hear a lot of people. Ask Me what you know what happens if if the Internet get something happens to the Internet and it's going to have to worry about a lot more than what I say. That's what I always say is your. We've got bigger problems so much screwed and it's all know. Abbas yeah so does that help to. I think so yeah yeah absolutely different ways to kind of explain. What made you think Oh my gosh. This is good for the world <hes> well well. You know okay so we can get into like the the you know a lot of controversy with banks and let's go go go. Do this okay so you know. It's just really relax. It's really bank works. You'll know that yeah so and truthfully. The funniest thing is banks have been doing you know crypto currency in a form for one hundred years. I mean they as paper anyway. It's it's funny than we talk like. This is a new thing but the the technology is new but the concept is not a concept is many millions old so oh a cleaner exchange now any more balanced now too. I think that <hes> there's there's like a distribution of <hes> you know it. We we have an opportunity to kind of take control back because the banks rage against the machine's the banks are Kinda like the House wins wins right kind of like the casino when it comes to make Jones and stuff like that they they don't do things that don't work in their favor and that's she just works instead of what what's the best for everybody or if we all are kind of <hes> watching each other <hes> <music> people that don't really understand this bitcoin thing. That aren't aren't there yet. They just need people like you guys. It's a good thing I wanNA throw a weird question yeah part in my head. What's up the dark web darkwa in conjunction with Bitcoin the dark web <unk> dibble dabbled well. I mean so you could compare the dark web and it's you know everybody's always taste bad. It's it's made for bad things and it's like well so was other currencies in history like same thing with cash like when people will do bad things. Don't they usually pay for it in cash. What exactly they say currency. You can't keep track of it. You can't keep travel money either pay. It's I guess what I'm trying to secure. Wi security honoring dark web secure well. That's the beauty of the the blockchain well. That's the thing is you know. There's there's different. I don't have an answer for that. Sure 'cause I mean because there's so many hard core sign my hail for the dark web no you can't you can't stop. I mean there's got to be. It's just like the name we're GonNa have good things. We're going to have bad things things like that so you know as far as security goes. You know we're working. You know there are companies that are working on infrastructure security different and things like that a lot of things like that. Since since we've already went there we went completely off track because this is so fricking interesting and and you mentioned the dark web. I'm going to mention the dark web facebook. What's going on. What's going on with. Iran can't avoid keeps going up because isn't like Chase Jason. Everybody else connected with that <hes> well I.. I don't know to be completely honest. I don't I mean I've kind of been keeping up on a a little bit of the libra thing but completely honest to be completely honest. It's just it's not bitcoin it so I don't. I don't keep that was what whatever's going on with that drama to be honest. I should but I the movement at all or because talk. There's a lot of there's kind of you know. There's some people that believe that will it will kind of like help to at least gain the awareness fairness and Kinda give us a push in to what's going on but then the way that it is structured is definitely nothing like bitcoin force take control of it well well they <hes> they still have like a <hes> open source <hes> association and so but but in order to be a part of like a node or someone that's important in this association. You have to pay into it so that's typically yeah so. That's kind of what we're kind and like. It's all about the mood yeah so then. We kind of end up. Are we going to be in the same situation as before with just like a banks trip currency. Lindsay stamp on it. I don't know so go to Forbes. They wrote up a great article about it. What do you look for that. We should put that on facebook and stuff look. I'll have to simply yeah. That's cool. Let's do that. This is this is this is deep. I mean we don't usually get this deep yeah. This is cool man because I'm a bitcoin fan. I'm a blockchain fan. I've read up on so much stuff. I <hes> I been doing it. Since you know the guy put out what's his name wasn't in the Japanese guy. Oh A and yes. She told she yes the Tofu yeah and and I've I've watched been curious about it. Forever had buddy that had thousands and thousands of because he was mining back in the day and he was giving it to a charity. Oh he added going straight to a charity because he was cool he was just doing it was thousands and thou- that's charity must be pretty well right now. How did anything with it anyway what you should ask him what you're anyway. We're going to <hes> turn. The Boat Captain Eos to question number one. We not we roundabout. Lee Did question number number one. I mean you see both of them are talking about the good in the world and why you're doing it right while the question so there are no in perspective. Edward Okay go ahead go ahead to Ryan keeps us on track as much much better when I mean it's definitely the Biz for good good..

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