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The funny thing about the giants. There's clearly no plan because the plan of taking the plan of taking saquon Barkley number two doesn't match up with the plane of trading. Odell Beckham those two divergent plans saquon Berkeley, number two is a guy who take. Hey, we're close we need this transcendent running back to set things up in the offense, but trading Odell Beckham. Now, you have saquon when are they going to be in the playoffs? Not in the next three to four years. So now you're wasting his best years on a rookie contract for offense. That's complete dodge shit. Yeah. It makes those sevices what? Maybe should we do some more poetry Shumshere? Since we're talking about Gettleman decided, no, this this, isn't this isn't. I not that kind of music. Actually. Yeah. We can do we can do Olympic to that music. Okay. I went with the Limerick because he seems like a fucking clown as leprechaun. There. Once was a GM named Gettleman. He said no players bigger than the plan. Little did. We know the plan would show. That clearly he had no idea. What the fuck? He was doing man. Wow. Beautiful participating in the past. What is he doing has feel to have you any of the second best running back in New York? Now when does the NFL investigate to blockbuster trip thousand nicely? I. Ignored it. I'm sorry say again, you guys have the second best running back in New York. Well, now that they've freed now that the giants have freed up five million encapsulates they're free to go after Tevin Coleman..

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