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Was pretty cool. Will the fortunate thing for you and I had it during a time downtown trae which was? What thirteen years ago right? At, you and I both. Right on grasset, and basically between a like the Fox theater and campus, Martius would just wear hardrock was. Yours Lee Lyndon. Out You, always had a place to stay. Right Many Times did I stumble home after were From the Baltimore and you'll join speaking about the to is that. It's not the downtown. Detroit that people know now. It was a much more little cedar watcher, PS and QS kind of place down there. You know what I mean. Definitely yeah. Detroit has changed in the last decade and a half Fisher. Four I think. yeah, that's the point is up for discussion debate. Defending of our listeners have some thoughts on that. If you've been around for the long haul and want to chime in on whether old. Detroit is better. Drive's better. We welcome your commentary Jerry. Going on out, there was a loan area, just hearing birds. By like super distracted because like my neighbors are having a party, and it's like all I can hear. Is Them like laughing in the background so I'm like Oh invited. Bring some news and come hang out with tales from the bar side. Buy My first stint in downtown in the service industry was actually the ultra lately. When I moved, downtown moved i. Market now not in Easter market, but right across the street. On graduate from eastern market like. Russell right now. and. Guy Was working at guitar, center time of the car tax. He's lived on there for years in his loft or key dude whatever? Room! I warrant at the time and I'm like. Wow, this pressing. Oppressing like every other. Street is at CVS. It's the BURBS. L. Addressing the needs of action. You need some nightlife and I was craving for. Yeah, though I actually opened up a spot in his in his loft and job at it. You know and. And, that was just such a cool experience, because my thought of Donald Trump. You know. That's scary stuff. You'll live downstairs. You're not even in downtown like. A little off the beaten path. but if it wasn't for that I, I would have never met. Any I wouldn't be here I. AM Dave it wasn't for that. You know what I mean in the friendships and the people. I've met and and just the growth that I. Had In my life. From that moment that really. Trajectory or path my way. But I'll never forget I. Got Down there. And you know he show me the bars and stuff you know like the well. In ultra lean staffing, walk full alien. This early. Young Guy. In this other guy's buying bar, young guy and the like faster. Guitar Shot. and. Molly Brady from stone, clover and his brother Mark. And I, was. Just lifelong friendships from that counter alone, too. So, of course, Shove Jameson into on my throat and stuff and. Musician and that's the time I was in a band with my guy is from. The burbs if you will. And they were looking for a bass player. 'cause they kicked our mutual friend out of the ban whose eyesight owner! And Gal play Bass I don't even own a base, but I knew I could play it. We'll the fun thing about that. Is that all IAN mark actually lives while all he did all he lived above There was an apartment right above there, so those are ever know when you walk into little lately. You got the door in front of you got the little glass window not laughed, and then there stairs that went up. To a door, and then that went up even further, and that's where. They lived and that's what they practice the band so. I was like maybe twenty four twenty five years. This is the coolest Shin ever. I can't believe you're. This is awesome so psyched. I can actually say practiced in a band downtown in. The ultimate I, honestly like our time the the time period that we live downtown was. Like no other in in downtown Detroit, because it was starting the culture, starting to change, the suburban kids were starting to move down there and and live and cool off and practicing bands in the bar scene. WAS APP man. people were still leery of coming downtown, but you'd still come down for the sporting events. There is a throbbing nightlife that was restaurants and stuff like that, so you could go down there and make it, and you didn't need a car. You can and walk to work to take. The people mover everywhere mourning. Ever live above a bar. Before. Now, but my last job I basically lived inside of it. Fair enough. I did I lived above coach's corner over in harmony. Park. When it was over there and it was cool. We're on the third floor, but like on Friday and Saturday night they'd have Dj. You could hear the music you need people even up on the third floor. So you know like when when the DJ The music all the way down, and you get everybody be at like Oh! On a prayer like got old. Really quick, you know. Vj! Is. Claims to the college kids, you know it. was. In two thousand, four, thousand five. Like? but but always that you know, turn it down so that all the kids can screen lyrics to the like thirty year. Olds on assisting. Member the chalet we like the remember. This always is that they would always play. Journey's. Song born and raised in, Sethi. Of Joe is never south Detroit. It's. Ryan side cash only Jay's yes cash. because. Actually can sing like really good. Really. Really good, so I don't think I've ever heard actually saying like our stuff. No but this I. DON'T I'll? Just generally speaking, she can sing. No, she can really sing..

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