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A hammer listen I got to tell you the first of all yesterday I spent of three four hours at the home show at the suburban collection showplace walked around with canon Chuck from the inside outside guys and those guys are broadcasting there today from ten till twelve in the same thing tomorrow they're a treat to be around because really they are the nicest gentleman there is they are they are in there is in radio and they do a terrific job in informing consumers they got some eighty years of background information defeat do you so you always learn from listening to the inside outside guys and I spent three four hours just talking to people and it sure is good for the ego folks let me tell you some to be right up front but yeah all the nice things people had to say in regards to the radio program and it being back on the air after an absence of seventeen years and I enjoyed my day very much however we can go to our first call start a poor in already and that's the way we like it this is reeling from Gibraltar was a question about washing machines that are made in America the morning verlin thanks for calling how may we help you our low what's the best force which even made the mereka is voters Japan's though I'm going to give you the up front answer okay and which this company is been in business for over a hundred years they're made in a rip in Wisconsin they got a beautiful factory over there and it's called speed queen now great you don't hear advertising on television or radio they don't advertise they don't need to advertise they make a washing machine for instance that their literature says they're the only ones that say this their literature says expect twenty five plus years on this washing machine now that says a whole big bunch about their quality of products but then again you have consumers buying them and they call this radio program while I'm on the air and in person on my email to tell me how much they love their speed queen washing machine so that's the total answer in a nutshell what's good about that thank you so much for calling Sir ready to keep going here Joe yes Sir let's do it with Greg from Warren who has a question about replacement parts very good morning thanks for calling Hey good morning Joe you sound great glad you're back where you belong thank you Hey I just wanted to let you know when your listeners know that serve all location at least in center lying is changed its name to daisy BB why distributing so if they're looking for on an appliance parts they know what number to look for what's the name of the company again look like I'm a new sign D. E. Y. I guess that would be like day yeah and they've changed their name after they've been here for a hundred years they've that sold out from what I understand and another company is purchased the and I do sure hope the new company will sell direct to consumers like serve all day because they were pretty much the only source for you could go pick it up in town that I knew of but I'm sure you know of others yes but they have been around and there were a great company from for many years I I knew them well I knew can the Adler and his son Kim I knew the whole gang of them and they had several stores all around the Detroit area all the way to Lansing grand rapids all over the place they did do a beautiful job helping consumers okay Joe well great show and I hope you have a great day thank you very much for calling Greg take care and the calls just keep on coming this time we've got Gary from Shelby's got a question about his G. E. side by side right okay Gary how may we help you are you doing you're all good to talk to you thank you Sir Hey we got a side by side G. profile probably fifteen years old the ice maker has slowed down to where it's making smaller cubes holes in them and now in the next door in the last couple of days it seems like he gave up the ghost now is it still make in ice at all well it made a little bit in the last day but the Cubans were real small and I did hear the water kicked on to the unit last night I haven't checked it this morning yet to see if the dumped on the ice but it's it's slowing down all right now well I guess you know before we throw this thing away let's go to the water source the water valve in the back of the refrigerator okay you've got a water line coming from your cold water line someplace and a copper line coming up yeah it comes in a hoax right into the water out of the water though you don't have a water dispenser in the door do real yes you will you do so yeah it's a dual water valve via have there okay and you go to the water Val let's take the water valve out of there let's take it to a bad someplace and let's look at the screen and the water valve if there's a screen there didn't make sure it's not plugged up with minerals from the water it could be as simple as that stopping the ice cubes from forming into the proper size but will give that a try and let me know what you find and sometimes the water valve gets you know it's been there for quite awhile now and you know what the water does well let me let me talk a little bit I wonder though because that darn Waterville I agree police that thing probably twice or three times in the last fifteen years because as you know those valves are made of plastic on the outside they get brittle they cracked and then they lease on your floor and eventually into your basement and create quite an expense yes now I must say to you I did a survey here twenty years ago on our many water valves are sold in the United States that number was over one hundred thousand a month only got one of the house and there's basically still the same there well they fall into my E. four letter category of J. U. N. K. yeah in what I've done Joe just I don't know if you talk about this before but I'm actually put the plastic trays underneath my refrigerator and my dishwasher because my dishwasher did the same thing I had of the local band there right in the in the linoleum that goes underneath the dishwasher didn't go all the way to the back to the wall and I had I had water get trapped between the linoleum in the plywood sub floor and I didn't discover it until my basement was what and then you had the mold problem as well yeah a little bit of action well Gary go to it see what happens and I'm here every Saturday and Sunday morning sixty eight and I'd love to hear back from him all right we appreciate you kill you're very welcome take care no fog in our and your role in clear and ready to help our listeners out we've got Ron from port Sanilac online John from Northville and we want.

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