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I'm not going to jail come on let me let known as you all nakata's sent me to jail you don't want mr moeller if he wants to send me to jail he could send me to jail and then i laugh about it i'm not going to jail you think i'm going to do joining us now barbara mcquaid the former us attorney for the eastern district of michigan on a professor of law at the university of michigan she's also a nbc news and msnbc legal contributor and back with us ron client on barbara is a former prosecutor can you answer this question is he going to jail i think if he continues to defy the subpoena the answer is yes there is up legal principle that says a grand jury has a right to every man's evidence and there are just a few exceptions to that when i hear mr number to be saying is that he wants to protect his mentor roger stone from criminal charges well you do have a fifth amendment right against selfincrimination so you can declined to answer questions if fans might incriminate you but the keyword there is self you can't use that privilege to refuse to testify against others and so i have not heard the assertion of any legitimate privilege here and so if he continues to defy this subpoena i think robert muller can unlikely will follow motion for contempt and the penalty for that is jailed for up to eighteen months in an effort to induce compliance and if at the end of eighteen months the person still won't comply you can be charged criminally and punished for an additional six months let's listen to what he said about uh his attempt to your tartan ari about his attempt basically to protect roger stone.

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