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On this Saturday. It's 5 28 time for traffic and weather on the eights, and when it breaks w. T O. P's in Crawford in the traffic center, we start with new issues on the Maryland Beltway interlude near Branch Avenue. Looks like they found one off the roadway on the left side into the media. And so watch the left side form or emergency response. Inter loop near Branch Avenue, staying with the Maryland Beltway, the Outer Loop work zone near New Hampshire Avenue. Beyond that point to university Boulevard over the Top of Northwest Branch, The left lane gets by the ongoing work zone single file 95 the BW Parkway to 70 all quiet 50 Still during the two way samba on the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge without delay on the Virginia Bellway, we had work on the interlude between gallows Road a 9 66 starts out over on the right and then jumps over to the left at I 66 Everything moving in a single file with care and caution on 60 60 eastbound work zone after 29 Gainesville. They're picking that one up. No single right where the cones air out. But those codes or start to disappear. All our other work zones overnight on 66 had been picked up and put away 3 95. Still no signs of them letting up on this work zone after Edsel Road heading all the way to seminary rowed single file, right? Object. That single file left getting past that 1 95 into clearance Far south at Fredericksburg in both directions in the district on the freeway, and the 2 95 doing fine Memorial Bridge is shut down for the weekend in both directions. One end of the bridge to the other for the work. So that will last till about five o'clock Monday morning. Ian Crawford w T o p traffic. Storm team for tracking a really cold night across our area. Much of the region now under a frost advisory or a freeze, warning the freeze warning along.

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