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Listener for awhile you'll know that every time i pro- and upcoming episode it's like bad juju because it never works out the way i- promo it But we're doing it Remind you that. Were two episodes away from secretary. Mcdonagh's interview here on born the battle. The a employee or not is not very often that a veteran gets to interview an incoming secretary so early It was cnn. Jake tapper was first up and then us So stay tuned for that. That will be episode to thirty five. Received a couple ratings. And got a clarification. From what i put out on last week's monologue last week i that i was going to do some digging concerning vr. Army and i did We had a review for episode. Two thirty and i went deep I wanted it to be as clear as i can find it. I wanted to go straight to the source material Last week responded to review. This said Then she informed me that. I had zero months. Post nine eleven. Gi bill and that. I would not be able to go to college. According to the program director v houston that is ally according to the eight national director. I'm assuming he means undersecretary. That is a lie. Okay so on episode two thirty. Vr director william stripe burger talked about the subsistence rates at around the twenty eight ten mark talked about having one month of bill entitlement to receive the higher gi bill substance rate. It wasn't a question about overall eligibility and an overall tuition issue like a reviewer posted and i researched so bad on me for not going to the original conversation and actually listening on where we were in the conversation when we were talking about the army and this one month of gi bill entitlement again it was about the level of subsistence. The vr and e program could buy. That's one to emailed some more folks over at the veterans benefits administration. And i asked them to cite the policy or federal law. A definitive source in their response about this one month irs. Zero months When it comes to substance subsistence and this is what i got as outlined in thirty eight c. f. are in that means code of federal regulations. Twenty-one dot forty and twenty one dot fifty eligibility for the vr an e program is not related to the eligibility for the post nine eleven gi bill and we weren't talking about the eligibility per thirty eight. Cf are twenty one dot three to zero while a veteran participate in a training program. He or she may qualify for subsistence allowance or monthly stipend the then go onto into the tenants of eligibility and benefits. Which were the same that we discussed on the podcast. Then it says as outlined in 'em to charlie dot victor dot bravo dot seven dot zero seven. Which the manual for how they administer the benefit and i. I went on and read this. It's available online. The rate at which the stipend is paid could be comparable to the post nine eleven gi bill basic allowance for housing rate is. The veteran has at least one day of chapter thirty three in tatum. Remaining under the education program if the individual has zero entitlement remaining he or she does not qualify for the b. h. rate but would be paid under the vr in each chapter thirty one rate Which that rate is covered in the entire m. twenty-eight charlie dot victor dot bravo dot seven section. It's the manuals the m twenty eight. Charlie trust me. This is all searchable. And i went down a rabbit hole in this one and i looked at it and and this is what this i was reading. the vr any chapter thirty one rate is based on their training program enrollment rate and number of dependents if applicable the rate of the monthly stipend is the only connection between vr e and gi bill programs eligibility for either program is not contingent on the other however they cannot be used concurrently. If you qualify for both you gotta pick one or the other. So the information and mr straight burgers interviewed lions up with the federal regulations in the manual. On how it's administered Sorry p soren That you had a bad experience with the program. And i'm not familiar with your case about not being able to go to college under the program. Anything i would guess about the issues that you had would be speculation at this point When it came to the back and forth the training that was thought needed to gain entry into the design career field and whatnot. Piece worn four-to-three shoe email to podcast dot gov and unless talk all right and i was also notified by a listener over the week Who twitter That the app pod chaser actually has reviews and that had a couple on there had no idea. This was a thing The review is from joe's stone says five excellent podcast featuring powerful stories from veterans. If you've served these stories are not only a great example resiliency but also a reminder that we are not alone in our experiences and our struggles plus the podcasts also features frontline information on resources with the department of veterans affairs. Very handy Thank you joe. And thanks for showing that review on pod chaser. I had i had no idea that was a thing and i had another one back in july on there as well as always appreciate all the feedback every week. If you're so inclined to please feel free to leave a review on apple podcasts. It's a good way to communicate directly with the podcast here and help get the podcast recognized by more veterans and podcast land at the same time news releases. I got three this week. i one is. I'm sure if you go to blogs via dot gov you saw this one right on the front page for immediate release. The department veterans affairs received over seventy one thousand doses of the janssen. Kobe vaccine on march third authorized by the us food and drug administration under the emergency use authorization in clinical trials. The janssen vaccine also known as the johnson and johnson vaccine showed an efficiency of sixty six percent against moderate to severe critical covid nineteen disease occurring in at least twenty eight days after vaccination and demonstrated greater than eighty five percent efficacy in preventing severe critical covid nineteen disease occurring at least twenty eight days after vaccination and the janssen vaccine is a is not an m. r. Vaccine veterans who are ruled in receiving healthcare in. Va are eligible to get the vaccine when they're bacillary when their facility has vaccine supply and reaches their risk. Category veterans are required to enroll with a in order to receive healthcare however to receive karen. Va and role must meet certain eligibility requirements under current law which may include income limits veterans. And get the latest information and sign up to receive updates on vs covid nineteen vaccine webpage at. Va dot gov forward slash health. Hyphen care forward slash covid hyphen nineteen vaccine hyphen. Stay hyphen informed. No more hyphens aren't next. One says were meat. Release the department. Voters partnering with customer relationship management company. Salesforce to improve access to essential services and resources among homeless and at risk veterans the status query and response system otherwise known as squares because always acronyms is a. Va web application. I created in twenty fifteen to provide external homeless service organizations with reliable and detailed information about veteran eligibility. Thanks in part to the va and salesforce. Collaboration the updated and expanded version of squares. Let's va partner organizations easily verify. Veteran's eligibility for va homeless programs and real time as of right now squares assists food pantries homeless service providers state agencies nonprofits and other organizations and swiftly connecting vulnerable veterans to homeless prevention rapid rehousing and wraparound supportive services via salesforce will convene virtual workshops to educate users about squares and features the tool will also create videos and case studies to educate registered users potential new users on how to use online tool to learn more about squares and other. Va tools and programs to help homeless veterans go to be a dot gov ford slash homeless and the last one. The third one says for immediate release women are the fastest growing segment of. Us veteran population but only forty percent of eligible women veterans are enrolled in va healthcare the va and the department of defense collaborate and twenty seventeen to study women veteran barriers to care and establish a pilot training program to address those barriers are so the next one is a got women Soon to be veteran. If they're still serving Make sure they're aware of this. Says for meat release. Women are the fastest growing segment of the us veteran population but only forty percent of eligible. Women veterans are enrolled in va healthcare va and the department of defense collaborate and twenty seventeen to study women veteran barriers to care and to establish a pilot training program to address those barriers. The department of veterans affairs launches online women's health transition training course enabling all transitioning servicewomen and recently separated women veterans to have access to information about v a women's health services. The online self paced instruction is available at tap events dot org forward slash courses and is designed to complement v. as transition assistance program Known as tap the online program provides information and resources to help participants understand. Va's gender-specific healthcare services and rohan via healthcare as quickly as possible after separation and be better prepared to manage their post military healthcare in two thousand eighteen via began offering the women's health transition training at select installations and has since provided the instructor led course in person and online to hundreds of transitioning servicewomen feedback from pilot participants shows. The course increases awareness of women's health services available through va and the on-demand course makes this important information readily available to all very good so the national vietnam war veterans day is coming up and here on born the battle. We're going to serve up to great interviews for the next couple of weeks. This week's guest is a former cav scout. The former dod deputy director of the pentagon's and terrorism and homeland security task force a former dod director of their pandemic and influenza task force which recently came into play as he was an adviser for the cdc's recent task force and it was a former deputy cg for multinational forces iraq. He is the new director of the vietnam.

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