Trump tries to stop books about him

The Book Review


Going on with the Book Business Right now? So this has been a fascinating time in publishing the last couple of weeks. We've seen kind of an epic clash building between the trump administration and the trump family and one publisher in particular. Simon and Schuster. This has happened several times during the course of this administration, the trump administration has threatened lawsuits against various publishers for producing alls or books that contain damaging information about the president most memorably it was Henry Holt when they published fire and fury by Michael Wolff, when they got a cease and desist letter from the president's personal lawyer. They decided to put the book on sale early. It sold incredibly well so. So the latest is Simon and Schuster of course released John Bolton's book this week, and that was something that trump administration tried very hard to prevent from happening. They told him he had failed to go through the necessary steps to get security clearances and remove classified information, and they finally asked a judge to prevent his publishers Schuster from distributing the book. The judge denied that although John Bolton himself may eventually have to forfeit some of his prophets, which were substantial. He reportedly got a two million dollar book deal, so that clash was playing out just in recent days in the book just went on Sale I. Think they've they've distributed two hundred thousand copies according to some of the legal filings. Filings and at the same time than Shuster is preparing to publish a very explosive, potentially explosive I should say I, haven't read it book by President Trump's niece Mary trump and just this week. President Trump's family sought a temporary restraining order to try to block publication of that book by Mary Trump which is called too much never enough. How my family created the world's most dangerous man, so the title suggests that this is not going to be a positive book. It's scheduled to be released by Science Schuster on July. Twenty eight th. The book is finished its edited, but they're starting this process earlier I think with the Bolton Book. They came in pretty late in the game with the effort. Effort to prevent distribution. The books had already shipped retailers had them news organizations had them all the information started leaking out a few days before publication, so the effort to kind of contain the damage came pretty late, and it was pretty toothless as far as preventing the information from getting out so in this case they have a little more leeway, but again I think the legal precedent is very very hard to preemptively prevent information from coming out, so it's going to be another tough battle for them. This has been a really eventful year for Simon and Schuster I. Mean I, they were put on sale right, and then very suddenly they're chief executive officer. Carlin really died of a heart attack. And all of these incredibly explosive books are coming out. Is the company doing well? At a time when a lot of publishers are struggling to break through the news cycle Simon and Schuster is creating the news cycle. So that's kind of extraordinary, you know the John Bolton Buck has been number one on Amazon for Awhile Mary trump is close behind it, and they have more coming in the pipeline that are I. Think certain to be bestsellers including I, think most significantly. Significantly another book by Bob Woodward his previous book about the trump administration, which was titled Fear Sold Millions of copies, and again caused a lot of consternation, the administration and he has a sequel to. That's coming out this fall. I don't believe it's titled Yet, but it's about the administration president has said he spoke to Bob. Woodward for this book, so it'll be interesting to see what. What secrets remain for more to find out given all of these dulls that have come out I was speaking to some people in Washington like Robert Burnett who a famous Washington lawyer who represents a lot of politicians and has been around for a long time and. His observation I thought was interesting. It's just you know the volume of books that have been that have come out during. This administration is quite unusual. It's it's fairly typical for there to be a wave of of memoirs. Tell all I was inside the room kind of books to come out the years after the presidency when people can reflect, and there is no longer the the political pressures of the day were a reelection campaign for example, but the revolving door in the administration today has been moving so quickly. People Cycle in and out and I think that his accelerated the rate of

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