Minneapolis police union says there's no problem with systemic racism, but is open to reform


Yesterday in the one o'clock hour Bob Kroll was her feature gassed in machines on right now to talk about this the the interview rishi thanks for coming on give me give me from when you're in the moment when you look back at it the most notable part of the interview the the some of some of the comments of Bob Kroll made that to you has so much been a journalist for a long time most news worthy well I think it's partly when he was trying to describe the union's role and the four different I think he said mayoral terms that he was part of the negotiations over the years with the union contract and I thought that was notable and that's part of the reason I actually wanted him to come on was to help people really understand what is the role of the union because I watched for weeks now as a lot of people are blaming him for my city burning down and I'm telling you it's my city because I live in it you and I work in it and I know there are a lot of layers to this is a dynamic situation and I don't know that you can put the blame for what happened on the weekends during the week of may twenty fifth on any one doorstep and I know you can't put it on his because that's just not his role so when he described the role of the union the negotiations from his past with past administrations mayors city council and then that he does want to be it sounds to me like part of the solution I asked him if he's visited the site I asked him did he visit thirty eighth in Chicago and he said he didn't really visited he went by it and that was interesting for me because he probably would you help me I don't know but my guess is he knew it might have been a spectacle if he had shown up but I think it was important that he at least drove by it and that's why I asked about that a number of times with me and a number of times this last week when he did a series of interviews he was asked if he believes there are systemic racism within the police department which then affects people of color in Minneapolis he we he adamantly said no you'll have said on the station many times as a person of color that you have face racism in the city of Minneapolis is it then fair to say that you don't agree with Bob Kroll on his point I think the question was is there systemic racism in the police department I think there is systemic racism in our city I think there is in our entire state I believe it is so insisted that a lot of people don't really understand it you know questions Chad that I've gotten in my mother has gotten throughout our lifetimes where you from and when we say Dinah accessory grew up that's where she still lives people come back at us with more questions will know where you from and I know where they're going and I I kind of don't want to play ball so finally I will say if you mean my country of origin I was born in Sri Lanka but I'm an American so like it it was that kind of commentary that I'm talking about it's as a specific they'll because Bob pushes back and says of those separately there is not systemic racism in the Minneapolis police department I adamantly disagree I think the data is over well me where do you stand do you think there's systemic racism in the Minneapolis police department how you would be treated compared to how I would be treated it's an interesting question because I think the black Minneapolis resident is treated differently from you and for me I have not been pulled over because I'm brown I was actually murdered at gun point in twenty thirteen and the Minneapolis police officers and other members of the system connected to juvenile court that dealt with me we're very respectful I think Bob can have an opinion that there's not systemic racism you can believe there is I mean I'm probably leaning closer to you on this because I think this city there's an issue with systemic racism in the city I mean I take it to even the renaming of lake Calhoun we renamed lake Calhoun because Calhoun was bad well the name we replace it with is from a native peoples and also did some things other native people but some people don't have issues with that so there's racism everywhere is it systemic absolutely in our city in our state is only happening at the police department no I think when you have mayors and Cassidy council people who aren't necessarily passing the laws in the ordinances that are fair to all of us you know when it comes to getting loans when it comes to other parts of living in what we have to do it it goes very deep and this is where a state it is a dynamic and very layered problem why is my deep blue black is not just on the police it really isn't

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