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Using Crystals to Learn About the Tarot Minor Arcana


Welcome to the love and light. Live podcast empowering crystal lovers spiritual entrepreneurs to learn and experience the art of Crystal Healing. Get ready to listen in and join our crystal movement. Hello and thank you so much for joining me for the love and light live podcast brought to you by love and Light School Dot Com. I'm your House Ashley and this. Podcast is the number one place for all things crystals and today's show we're going to be looking at part two of our two part episode all about crystals and the Tarot so today we'll be looking at using crystals to learn about the minor arcane. Ah IN THE TORONTO BUT BEFORE WE GET STARTED WITH THAT. I'd like to answer one of our listener questions remember. You could submit your own questions anytime at love and light school dot com slash. Ask for the chance to have your questions answered right here on the show. Today's question comes from L. G. An ALGAE ASKS. How do you start a rock or metaphysical shop? Well G. This is a big loaded question. In fact it's so big that I've created an entire program of study all about this. It's my spiritual business mastermind group where I help out get started launching their own sacred businesses. Just like I did but there's a lot that goes into this. You need to make sure that you file for your articles of incorporation or articles of organization with your state if you're in the US you need to register your business with the state as well as get your federal E. N. set up your business banking account. Make sure that you have proper business insurance. Hire employees if you're going to have any and make sure that you have all the proper workers compensation insurance and that you're following employment guidelines and Osha game for safety. You might even.

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