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Five eighty and get that full


Fifties just about everywhere with clear skies then tomorrow it'll be noticeably warmer in some areas Santa Rosa ninety two will be hitting the upper eighties around San Jose San Francisco still the cool spot at the Embarcadero was seventy three degrees near ninety in napa and Morgan hill ninety degrees and then of course we've got that excessive heat watch that goes into effect on Monday traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eights on KCBS small businesses are grappling with the impact of these uncertain times and looking for resources that's why dell technologies assembled an all star lineup of podcasters

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Five eighty and get that full

KCBS Radio Weekend News Last week

For the night now board service

KCBS Radio Weekend News 16 hrs ago

Tuesday and Wednesday sunny and warmer with sixties and seventies up the coast

KCBS Radio Weekend News 16 hrs ago

Grand all that heavy traffic around

KCBS Radio Weekend News 19 hrs ago

That direction and a car procession in Oakland has jammed up traffic on a big

KCBS Radio Weekend News 20 hrs ago

Walnut Creek north six eighty just before

KCBS Radio Weekend News 1 d ago

A new crash as C. H. B. is

KCBS Radio Weekend News 1 d ago

North Bay conditions look pretty

KCBS Radio Midday News 4 d ago

Available in your local grocery

KCBS 24 Hour News 4 d ago

KCBS political reporter Doug Simon says

KCBS Radio Midday News 5 d ago

Can take a while for the cooler air to get well inland so you can still see a hundred degrees in Concord today

KCBS Radio Morning News 5 d ago