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Working with Crystals and the Major Arcana of the Tarot


So today's question comes from Jean and here is gene's question. Jean says I have purchased clear quartz crystals for over thirty years. And sometimes they suddenly grow record keepers on one or more faces which were not there upon purchase an examination with a magnifying glass. What causes this to happen? So this is a pretty controversial subject in the crystal healing realm. You know I hear people report changes with their crystals all the time changes in color changes in size even reported changes in the appearance and shape of the crystal lake record keepers new crystal points that sort of thing and I've been a little reluctant to answer this question. This one's been sitting in the box for a while. Because I'm afraid a lot of you listening are going to like my answer but I'm just GonNa you know as always be super honest super transparent. I have not personally had this experience so this one is a really hard one for me to comment on. I'm naturally quite skeptical. Believe it or not you know as a crystal healer as crystal teacher. I'm kind of surrounded by skepticism. All the time which is normal and healthy natural. And that's okay. I never feel like it's my job to convince anyone about the amazing work that crystals can do like. I just talk about my personal experience and if that works for you to awesome will the same kind of goes here like all I can really comment on is my personal experience. And this isn't something that I've personally had happened. I feel like what's probably most likely as that. You're getting to crystals maybe mixed up if you have this happen or that possibly you're just not quite remembering the crystal or some of the features or maybe you didn't notice some of those features to begin with however. I do want to say that in the Rome of crystal healing. Lots of things are possible. And even some of my very very well respected crystal teachers that I've learned from in my life Like Melody for example has reported this concept of crystal changes. And although. This isn't something that I've experienced. I'm not quite convinced about yet. Other people that I do really have a great deal of respect for have commented that this is possible so in terms of what causes this to happen. I have no idea because I just haven't had. It happened myself and there are a lot of other changes that I think are more common. That are much easier to explain. For example a change in the color of a crystal is quite common they can fade in sunlight. They can become darker when we work with them. A Lot Some people think this is a sign of negative energy or bad energy entering the crystal. And you know what couldn't be further from the truth? In fact what often is happening if you have a crystal that becomes darker in color is that it has picked up some of your natural body oils from your hands or particularly in a piece of jewelry so this isn't hot something to be concerned about but in terms of actual crystal changes in the structure of the stone the shape and appearance of the stone. That one I just can't comment too much on gene so I'm sorry I can't give you a better explanation. I think this is one of those things that you'll have to do. A little self exploration about if you have a question you'd like me. An answer for you about crystals spirituality or anything else. You're curious about.

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