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How to Enable Caption Panel for VoiceOver on iOS


By the name of anonymous in this podcast. I would like to show you how to enable caption panel for voiceover on IOS. So let's discuss about this caption panel. What are you talking about Thomas? Okay so first of all. Let's talk about caption panel. It is a setting that you can find within the accessibility settings area for voiceover. This is when for example. I do this a lot and I'm not sure this will pertain to a lot of folks out there but those that have cited appear that you want them to help you with your phone. Have you ever been in a position where you're looking for something on the phone and you show to the person that has vision and you're using voiceover at the same time obviously with screen curtain off? So they can see the screen but for some reason it never follows along so they they can't see exactly where your ass off? I'm on a website. I'm about Oh gosh quite a ways down on this page. It doesn't follow along so they're not seeing this part. Well that's what caption panel. Does it allows you to as a city to turn on and one you have voice over on and caption panel on then. The person that is cited can now follow along Executed.i. You where you are within a webpage or an APP whatever. This is very useful for one. I need some assistance to. Hey what does this say? Or what is this and they can see along with you then. A pretty cool by default is turned off. So let's go show you where you could turn this on. So you go under settings settings double tap on sentence settings to the right until you get to accessibility accessibility button. Double tap accessibility. Features help you customize your individual needs and we're going to go to the right into we get to voice over heading voiceover on button that voiceover on now we're GONNA go all the way to the towards the bottom were we can find caption panel catching handle on. Double Tap did Huddleston. This instant for myself. I have already turned this on so double tap that and you will turn that option to on this allows you for anybody excited to be able to follow along with your voice over and to see exactly at the location you are at on the screen very helpful for trying to gin assistant and help from those are cited so that is how to enable caption panel for voice over on I. S. Alright well my name is Thomas. Danville.

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How to Enable Caption Panel for VoiceOver on iOS

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