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Boston - Massachusetts Pot Shops Reopen, Customers Line Up For Curbside Marijuana Pickup


Nova farms is the first recreational pot shop in Attleboro and before they opened at ten Monday morning they had nearly three hundred orders CEO Derek Ross says it's definitely an underserved area there's not another dispensary near us you know the closest ones in fall river mass and that's an inconvenience for adult cannabis users and in the Commonwealth here especially in Bristol county but Ross says that's not the only thing that distinguishes them you know we have the largest outdoor grow on the east coast right now it's a sun grown farm and in the Berkshires and it allows us to cultivate cannabis a lot cheaper than anybody else in the state right now for now everyone has to pre order for curbside pickup and can only use a debit card and of course everybody in the vehicle has to be twenty one plus in Attleboro Suzanne's house bill WBZ Boston news

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