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Obama, Joe Biden And Vice President discussed on WIBC Programming


And obviously Obama also pension for his vice president Joe Biden finally endorsing him and rousing his former serve former administration staffers to continue to support by vice president president Biden in his bid for the presidency well the one thing they are at the very end I mean that was a lengthy clip in part it was like Billy Madison Ted Ted Ted Ted day junior like but at the very end there he talked about how this is the most important action and he what he's staring at is his presidential legacy going into the abyss because if there is eight years of Donald Trump by the end of eight years of trump there will be no the only thing left of Obama will be pre existing conditions care in health insurance that said well I mean some have specifically interpreted the trump presidency and his B. rice office as a repudiation of the trump administration there of of the Obama administration rather especially since many of trump's policies have gone out of their way to undo what Obama did yeah I mean that's partly how trump got into office is that it was a reaction to the eight years of Obama and also reaction just to the institutionalization of the establishment has also partly where trump came from now I don't think either of you are either you or I are surprised that Barack Obama is supporting presidents vice president Joe Biden at this stage in the election four is condemning president trump no matter what he does whether handles corona virus or Michael Flynn but I found it curious that he said there's no precedence to pardon someone who perjuring themselves even though that wasn't what Michael Flynn was guilty of particularly when Barack Obama himself pardon James Cartwright on January seventeenth twenty seventeen days before he left office so like dude this is one of the last people that you partner you just not aware of the mechanism within your own administration or is this a life because Obama's a lying liar pants I think he's just trying to get away with one yeah I mean we were talking earlier like people really don't pay that much attention to pardons probably because it doesn't have a huge impact on their life I mean but we don't have to pay attention anymore we have Google to do that for us and I found this in like thirty seconds isn't that beautiful really you know or maybe he's slicing a very fine distinction between what Flynn did and what car right did you notice based on some legal technicality that his lawyer team you know has given him possibly or you know it's like you said you know he's just lying out of his pants I guess Mitch McConnell he condemned a Barack Obama's remarks that it broke with tradition especially the tradition that presently president bush's established both dad and son remain remaining relatively neutral in the subsequent administrations almost to a fault as many criticized President Bush during the Barack Obama administration for remaining.

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Obama, Joe Biden And Vice President discussed on WIBC Programming

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