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Already tia we appreciate that and I will appreciate this accu weather forecast from meteorologist Carl Erickson partly to mostly cloudy overnight low sixty one a few showers and even a thunderstorm toward daybreak in through Sunday morning it was very warm on Sunday and more humid with clouds and sunshine high eighty five once again there can be a shower or thunderstorm in spots late in the day then in the evening are the mostly cloudy Sunday night low sixty seven Monday Memorial Day partly sunny and very warm high eighty eight partly sunny warm and steamy Tuesday with a shower or thunderstorm high eighty eight rather cloudy warm and sticky on Wednesday with a couple of showers high eighty three this is accu weather meteorologist Carl Erickson and W. J. newsradio nine fifteen sixty six in mind when it is sixty eight in Rochester hills sixty seven degrees downtown traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids or anytime at W. W. J. newsradio dot com live in local radio nine fifty well the WGA I'm Jack Clark good evening our top stories at eight twenty the number of confirmed covert nineteen cases in Michigan has topped fifty four thousand Michigan department of health and Human Services says today there are four hundred fifty two cases fifty two hundred have died of

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