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That I read like a typical high volume apple websites. They have a different delay period for the IPHONE. Like every iphone is delayed by different periods. Sometimes it's better sometimes it's was You mentioned about like October November. Do you expect that to be the entire line? Like what is your read on that? Now do you think all iphones will be delayed? Som- do you think they will be staggered anyway you. That's a good question. I think there's going to be some staggering In between the the low in the high end so the twelve versus the twelfth pro. But the reason you're seeing different You know Indications of how long a potential delay going to be is. Because there's there's two things at play right there is when is apple going to announce it and one is apple going to actually ship which as we know are two different things they could announce a phone? September ship in November the other factor in addition to those two is not taking into account. What a production delay means right if apple pushes production back for a device for. Let's say a month. Does that mean they're going to release it a month later? Or is that mean? They're going to release it at the normal period but in smaller quantities. Sort of ramp up to their normal steph quantity so there is a lot of factors that come into play here and it just comes down to which decision is apple going to make. I've seen both happen right Further for the IPHONE ten they started producing it quite a bit later and then they released it about a month later than usual. Remember the early November release in two thousand seventeen for the ten. But there's been other situations where they've actually released products in small quantities. Ramped up I remember there were iphones in the past One that comes to mind. Is The iphone six. Plus this is already six or seven years ago but that phone you know it was very very hard to get it for one to two months but what they did do is released it at the same time as the regular iphone six. So they've shown both ways of doing things and it's just about which when they choose and I don't think those decisions are made into law closer. Remember we're still in May and so we're about four to five months away from any of those the centralism feel like off but it is very fast it before it actually does from a feeling perspective it does feel earlier and earlier each time right. I mean as soon as one iphone is out the door. The next one is already. You know deepened development. These things are finalized like the iphone twelve. They've finished development of that thing Probably four or five months ago already. Yup fully finalized so it's it's just a better production thing and we're pretty close to these phones actually going into small scale production. It could have already happened for our Lena. I wonder also about the not. Only just the supply chain but the the delivery to customers aspect. And how that will. We don't know what apple stores are going to look like in the fall and even if they're reopened around the world is apple going to want people lining up at apple stores to get I phones or are they going to cause you know traditionally it's been You if you don't get a your order online is going to be pushed out. You can often go to a store and get one but I wonder you know. Will they re-jigger that whole thing? Try to have everybody order online. So they can just ship them direct rather than having them in in stores and we don't really know what stores are going to look like in the fall now. That's a very good question and I think it's too early. Even for the world to know or for Appleton the very scary thing is reading all these articles and following obviously like everyone else Kovin situation very closely and there's lots of fears of the second and third waves. What happens when you know? At this point I would say the assumption is that apple would have all apple retail stores sitting today reopened by

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