World Press Freedom Day amid a 'coronavirus crackdown'


Today is World Press Freedom Day every may third back since the nineteen nineties the UN and advocacy groups have used this day to promote and preserve press freedom to promote the importance of a free press all around the world. Now it's a notable this year this time in the midst of an emergency and much of the world involving the coronal virus whenever there's a crisis some countries try to use the crisis to curtail news coverage or access to information and we are seeing happened. Right now The so-called Corona virus. Crackdown has been happening. In some countries with journalists feeling the pinch Being affected by this Miller. The CEO of the news literacy project wrote about this in a new op-ed foreseen dot com. He talked about the pattern of dictatorial regimes. Using covert nineteen to quash press freedom. We need to sound the alarm about that. Make sure we know it's happening and call it out. Let's all a part of these broader efforts to promote world press freedom day the Guardian. The paper based in Britain is out with its own ad showing support for the press. Says just like food? Facts are essential. Supplies Katharine Viner. The editor in chief of the Guardian joins me now covering your reflections. On why World Press Freedom Day matters it always matters but as he said he introduction. Brian I think it matters more than ever. Whenever there is a shock to the system governments will try to use that unless we keep an eye on we try to use that to crack down and it's essential that we try and stop that happening or at least attention to the fact that freedom of expression and freedom press is crucial to any democratic society and I think transparency matters a lot right now when good information and how you come to come to come to the facts can really help save

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