U.S. moves to drop case against Trump ex-adviser Flynn, who admitted lying to FBI


Twenty another setback for the investigation into Russia's influence into our twenty sixteen elections justice department says it's dropping its criminal case against president Donald trump's first national security adviser Michael Flynn case was brought by special counsel Robert Muller who said Flynn had lied to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in a January twenty seventeen interview for more key CBS news anchors Jeff bell and Patty rising spoke with John dean former White House of former White House legal counsel for president Richard Nixon Mr dean thanks as always for making some time for us to your initial reaction to hearing the news today pretty surprising actually yeah I'm a little a little confusing and also the motion that was filed to dismiss says that the the line was not material to the investigation is the reason they dismissed it well when you dig a little deeper it seems like a really very material to the investigation so this is kind of a pre tax basis to dismiss the charge this is a very naive question but I don't understand how the church just could be dismissed after general Flynn has already pleaded guilty to the judge the judge Solomon may not understand that either but he he has to find the rule on that whether or not the case can be dismissed the justice department is arguing that he really doesn't have anything to rule on that once they pull the case away that there's no discretion left for the judge to decide I think the judge is going to see it differently and we're going to have more of a hearing on this influx some of this out when asked about William Barr the Attorney General who was signed an outside prosecutor to review the justice department's case that was rather unusual move was it not it's been done before but typically in charges of misconduct by somebody in the department it's not typically done in routine criminal investigations but he's done it a number he has a number of Russia probe investigations under this kind of review we also not only the use of Saint Louis U. S. attorneys got want to Connecticut looking at other aspects of the case and the shopping until they find somebody who will disagree with the way the original prosecution was brought and dismiss it are there ongoing concerns about interference in the twenty twenty election there are as as special counsel Miller testified the guy even a year ago that the heat there were ongoing efforts by the Russians to interfere with our twenty twenty election the government the executive branch is doing nothing the Congress has been leased the house had been wringing his hands about it and expressing

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