Fauci Says US Death Toll Is Likely Higher


The Corona Virus death-toll here in the United States is down more than eighty. Three thousand people almost one point four million cases. Globally there are no more than four point three million cases and almost three hundred thousand deaths but tonight sources telling CNN that the trump administration that serious senior trump administration officials are questioning the accuracy of the death toll and whether the number is actually being inflated just yesterday on the other hand Dr Anthony Fauci told US lawmakers. The death toll is almost certainly higher higher. What's being reported but this coming Sunday almost all U s states will be reopened at least to some extent at the same time. Washington D. C. is among jurisdictions extending. Stay at home. Orders and states including South Dakota Delaware and Arkansas are serious are seeing serious corona virus cases right now on the rise us go straight to the White House right now. Our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Joining US JIM. A grim new death toll and frightening new projections but the president and his team at least some members of his team don't necessarily believe all the numbers that's right well. The tug of war has begun inside the trump administration over whether the US is over counting the number of dead from the corona virus. Well aware that the president's reelection prospects are tied to his handling of the pandemic pro trump forces are attacking. Dr Anthony Fauci. Who has advocated caution in confronting the virus in control of the corona virus? Message coming from the White House. President trump is giving the administration pat on the back for the US response to the pandemic with the enormous weight of the pandemic hanging over the White House. Sources Tell C. N. Administration officials are questioning the accuracy of the corona virus death toll in the US and whether the number of dead is being over counted but that would fly in the face of testimony from top administration health expert. Dr Anthony Found. She who said deaths are likely being undercounted as some residents and hard hit New York died at home and we're never counted as cove in one thousand nine fatalities so direct. Answer to your question. I think you are correct at the number is likely higher. I don't know exactly. What was that tire? But almost certainly is higher. The president suggested. New York's number of dead was too high last month. I see this morning. Where New York edit three thousand deaths because they died and then now saying rather than it was a heart attack? They're saying it was a heart attack caused by this trump allies on Fox News zeroed in on found she. As an obstacle to reopening the country blasting the doctors cautious approach to the pandemic. Is this the Guy? You want to Chore Chart The Future Of the country. Maybe not this is a very serious matter. The decisions were making right now twenty. She has not been elected to anything to be very blonde. Is the face of this failed administrative leave a question? The entire premise of this with the chief. Buffoon of the professional has Dr Anthony. Fauci also seems to favor with the Democrats want and that is massive restrictions with no end in sight with all due respect to DR FAO cheese expertise. No-one elected him to anything. But there's one big problem for the White House a CNN poll found a solid majority of Americans trust Not The president when it comes to the pandemic

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