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So much powder so farmers grow matcher by covering that. T- Twenty thirty days before harvest to avoid direct sunlight. Visit increases chlorophyll production boost the amino acid content and gives the plant dog Green Hue the Policy Years Macho as you've probably seen everyone has grown in popularity you can get much law as and ice cream on pancakes and so on and literally means mattress. Pouted t the leaves are hand selected their steamed briefly to stop from tation that droid and then aged in cold storage. A MRS deepening. The flavor and the leaves are stone ground into a fine powder but wise the hype around Macha so matcher is commonly referred to as a mood and brain food with previous research demonstrating a three constituents present in match. Aotea dot big fan on each and caffeine affect mood and cognitive performance healthy nine has been shown to potentially increase the Alpha waves in your brain and these waves linked to mental realization and also helping to fight stress signals. It's also been shown to increase the number of feel good chemicals new brain which has been shown to prove your overall mood your memory and your concentration another difference between green tea and matcher. Is that the whole leaves. Aw ingested so it's a more potent source of nutrients than Steph's green tea and some sources cite that one serving match matchy is in nutritional equivalent of ten cups of regular Brews Green Tea with match T. containing two hundred thirty seven times more antioxidants. More information on until do remember back through all previous episodes as we've come at this in depth. Bought the on anti-oxidants in Macho a called polyphenyls and they've been linked to protection against heart disease and also helping to reduce your blood pressure again because of the the factual construing the Whole Leaves Matchup. You also gaps through three times. The amount of caffeine the compost tate about the amount you get in a brew coffee and Macho Warriors out there who proponent of the product with claim that you don't get a caffeine buzz life from coffee or something like that but an alert com due to the lvn on present which can induce feelings of relaxation without the drowziness again. Oversee Caffeine has same benefits. I'm pitfalls already touched on this too much but what I will say. Is that the impact of caffeine weight. Loss's regularly being examined. Several studies suggesting the caffeine can help the metabolic rate and increase fat burning. So let's potentially the the benefits thoughts in much tees. Well we've seen four seems forever. That marketers have been pushing green tea products as a weight loss tool whether that be just literally drinking green tea or as a supplement in pills for example. And it's been a number of studies that have lingering t to fat loss however there are of course opposing studies which is shown no such link but the studies. Supporting Green. Tea's thought thank state that the active ingredients can boost the effects of some fat burning hormone such as Norepinephrine noradrenaline and main antioxidant and T. E. G. C. G. Which has said much as well can help inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hall man nor epinephrine. So that when this ends honest hypnotise. The amount of north of noradrenaline increases promoting fat breakdown. And as I said at the Star Macho Green tea has a similar nutritional profile yet it contains significantly higher levels of things like egg than regular green tea and this has been shown to have highest biological activity among green tea. Gaskins and again if you remember from previous episodes Catkins are type of disease. Fighting flavonoids anti oxidant so as mattress. So high in this egghead. It's interesting to look studies following its influence on fouls as well because I was a green tea's been looked at in big debt as well so this face needs to be further. Developed on some of the results are inconsistent but two thousand five study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at individuals that drawing catechin rich tease. Macha on those who drunk rich green tea. That didn't have as much catechin is in on the people. Drinking teas just match dropped almost twice as much weight in twelve weeks. Participants who didn't additional human studies have collectively also found that taking hundreds of four hundred sixty milligrams of egg together with ace two three hundred milligrams of caffeine for at least twelve weeks linked to significant weight loss and reduction of body. Fats what is interesting to note from this? Many studies dot the fat burning effects of things. Like you'll match guarantee Harley justic on almost dependent on not consuming caffeine habitually so all the time EG CG has also been studied extensively and has been shown to help fight inflammation in your body. Help maintain healthy all trees. I'm promote cell replant so because macek contains grade levels of antioxidants such as G. It appears to be a superior. Taeb gets the all the benefits of green tea on more. But it's important to keep in mind that was laid out when it comes to weight loss. It's a very small piece of the puzzle doomed to stress that you should not be over consuming match Or even green. Tea's tries to make sure you don't how to more than two cups a day. Really so that concludes. Today's episode on match tee. Tonight you understand what is being all the next time you hear someone match. Lotta hipster cafe for example. But that's that's over. Now we're GONNA hit you. 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