NCAA Won't Mandate Uniform Return to Sports, Mark Emmert Says


Really looking forward to chatting with heather vintage from ESPN. Who broke the story last night? In relation to our interview with Mark Emirates the president most people saw the headlines throughout the evening and early day the NCW. A uniform return And now we can get an inside that conversation and find out what it all means Heather thank you for being with us. It's great to connect with you again. Hope you're well. I'll tell you man I don't know that heather and I usually convene in at ESPN on Sunday morning. About six fifteen in the morning. We're we're both the bleary eyed for various reasons but we get through it and Heather I feel the same way. Let's let's let's talk about your conversation with President Amran. Everyone thinks they know what it means. But you talk to Him. Tell us about it. Well I think one of the big questions I have had about all of this is what is the double role and some coaches have been outspoken. And saying we need somebody to issue a sort of blanket set of instructions to help us out on this and so I asked him point blank with the NCAA issue a start date and he said not in this case usually we would. That's what we do but The Corona virus pandemic has thrown this off the track and so he is saying from the highest level and college sports. What I have heard from every single commissioner that I have talked to which is it is not up to us and they stressed this in a phone call to Vice President Mike Pence a couple of weeks ago and I think it's very important to reiterate. Just how different college? Sports are from Pro Sports. They can't just you know. Pull up in a parking lot and get a test in minutes and go into a stadium. That's unlock they. Must WAIT UNTIL UNIVERSITY. Presidents reopened campuses So as much as a lot of people have heard like the NCWA to do something to help not even commissioners the most powerful people in sports the power five commissioners can do this uniformly as much as they would like to. They are cognizant of the fact. This is changing state by state. So what role does Emmerick ploy moving forward? So part of it he said is helping regulate the what is it ninety conference championships that they do oversee And Remember the NC Double A. Was the one that had the authority and the power to cancel the NCAA basketball tournaments which they run and all the other winter sports and the spring sports calling a halt to those conference championship games but his thing was basically saying we are here to help them in terms of fast tracking legislation. Let's say they only go to eight conference games Or How do you do? We need to reconfigure how you determine a conference champion and a certain league or play number of games Bob Ob the big twelve. Commissioner told me to football oversight committee will have something to do with a lot of those questions and and rules and regulations but at the NC double a level he said he and his staff are preparing just like the commissioners are for whatever permutation you might be able to think about what seasons might look like in order to respond quickly and say okay. You only have eight of ten teams and you're GonNa play championship. Here's here's we're going to rewrite this here you go. He said something Friday that was that I thought was interesting where where he alluded to it. In loot he was pretty matter of fact about the students on campus. Before you can play and that's been the debate You you talk to more people than anyone help us understand where we're the commissioners are right now and why did Mark emerets say that well choosers. Depends on who you talk. Too Much Commissioner Craig. Thompson was very blunt about it when I spoke to him and basically said I don't see how you can have athletes back. You don't have students back Jon Steinbrecher of the Mack told me the exact same thing Bob. Dole's be told me last week he said well. Here's the thing if everyone is going to online classes the first step is you have to have your athletes register online because again. They are student athletes if they're not registered for those online classes. That's the first step. You can't get back on campus. You're you can't be a student athlete. So there are also conversations going on about what it could look like on some campuses that have some students returned to campus. We're just freshman or however you might want to Put that piece of the puzzle together but there are certainly varying pain herm Edwards at. Asu told me if it's not safer. Sousa comeback from my players and coaches. I WANNA have everybody tested

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