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You Cant Outrun Your Fork


And today. We are going to cite you with a show about gluten called. You can't outrun your work. Dr Louis came up with that. Catchy Title I think he stole it. Perhaps from someone else but We liked it so extra. That's right but so we're GONNA talk to you about foods that might cause you to want more of the same and some very exciting testing information that we have been waiting very long time for Where it would be convenient for you and great reports and ways for you to determine gluten or wheat sensitivity so to day Dr Louis Would you explain to us about gluten and why it such a big problem? And why would someone be intolerant to it and you know what does it? 'cause what's the big deal with gluten gluten free so big deal right? I think it is a big deal. some of the research says is one out of one hundred or two out of hundred. That has gluten intolerance ILIAC disease. You know if you have that kind of Gi Issues go see your Gi doctor. So you're in tarnished Get the test made. Although we're going to tell you about tasks that you can do with us that I found to be. Oh my God blow you into new reality of knowledge and understanding again. I'M GONNA go down too much rabbit. Trails You know when I read this thing in interior. Was you know everybody should follow Tara? She really good health coach and she rat some pretty intelligent newsletters. Just like brandy does for Janet May You know I think anyone that puts beans chiles kind of a heathen might not love the Lord. But it's not just about beans beans can have issues too but mostly we don't talk about. Grind grain is not good and some of the myths. 'cause I I really think Janice going to get into more detail than me but and I hear this all the time but I'm eating whole wheat bread because I'm getting whole grains well usually Whole wheat break usually doesn't contain very much of the whole grind because the number one ingredient he's usually called wheat flour There's nips but I love my oatmeal. It's like well. I two or three bowls boat meal per year and I think it's the most nutritious thing you can eat breakfast. I personally think that's very very not true. And I think it's better than a breakfast. You know of sugary cereal but OATMEAL has a pretty high glycemic load. And so I don't think that's a good thing because it generally means when you have a high glycemic stuff. It usually means that you're going to spend the rest of the day over eating because you're hungry because of glycemic index Well you know I think we need to back up a little bit here and tell people why we got so involved with gluten you know before we we tell people. Don't eat gluten you know. It's not good but at the same time we didn't have a personal experience with it or where we could relate to own my goodness. That's what's causing it. If it's many of you have been listening to us for years. Thank you so much or someone that's new. You know the personal history there with why we found this out is because Dr Lewis was experiencing severe stomach pains to the point. He thought he was going to die. I mean I was bitterly I. I was giving him everything that I knew to give him. And you know we know all about nutrition for those of you that don't like me Janice WanNa keep me alive so ninette and happy but he I would give him so many things and it was like nothing was making it right and it got so bad. He tried to take out extra life insurance because he was sure he wasn't going to make it. And you know how God works. He sends people longer path. When it's just your bleakest darkest hour and shows you something you would not have listened to previously and incomes a Representative or actually. We had a a one of our bottom representatives. Tell us about this country. This company called vibrant labs and they did A lot of blood work with just a little bit of blood and we were very excited about it because we thought well you know. We don't really know what we need to have run. We've got a pretty good deal going with our lab companies. Now you guys get great pricing on the labs we you know. I don't know how this is going to help us. And she said but they'll do a gluten test on you and wheat sensitivity and food sensitivity testing and and maybe Dr Lisk and find out what's wrong so when we did the testing at that time it was a blood draw and it had to be a person that came to your office or they came to your house and they drew the blood and then it was sent off Which we did and Dr. Louis came back that he was not only gluten intolerant but he was borderline Celia disease. Which is what that turns into if it's uncontrolled so you know telling someone to quit eating gluten and then seeing it on a on a report where it's glaring at you telling you this is the result of you. Eating gluten is two different things which made us want to start offering this test. So Dr Lewis Stop Gluten. He thought well that's the issue. I'll stop it. He did and immediately. He started feeling better and I thought so. I did the test mine. Wasn't that bad. It wasn't great turns out that anybody who lives in the United States has it to some degree because of the Chemical crawls and the increase in gluten in the grange compared to what it was a few decades ago right and so we both more so than I will make sure he does not eat gluten in a meal and I cannot tell you the difference in how you feel with your digestive system. You know if you're suffering from you know things like bloating and brain fog and and you eat something that you just feel like it. Just you can't. You're not gonNA ever process it. It's probably because you have some sort of an allergy to it But belly pain diarrhoea. Muscle pain anxiety. Headaches nausea confusion numbness. They're all signs of it. And frankly with the lab testing the way it was at the time. And I know many of you and I'm sweating explaining this many of you've been asking us when you're GonNa get this going because we really want to do this We couldn't count on having a person that would draw the blood all the time everywhere because we are able to to draw lab across the United States. It's not always convenient place for someone to get drawn so vibrant look really just came out with The ability to have it as a finger prick test in your home so the way it works is we've said everything up on our website. It's under Specialty panels tab at the top and it explains to you. What all is in this test? And these tests that we've seen before because Dr has looked at them many times from different companies there about three thousand dollars to run what we're running for six hundred dollars and the fact that it can be a finger prick test in your home so you're secure. You don't have to go to a lab which a lot of people are scared of now and it doesn't take that much blood to do. All of this is just. We're just so excited to be bringing it to you But they have what? You're what you'll get for that six hundred dollars as a wheat. Zumur panel a leaky gut panel and a food sensitivity profile panel of ninety. Six foods Where'd you fill out the Hell Star Bay? If you've not done our health survey it'll ask you it. It includes Wheat Gluten and electons. And then you'll be able to pick two more primary foods that you eat the most of and those are added but it it detects wieght and gluten related disorders it aids in this specific recognition of antibodies to wheat peptides including gluten and non gluten components along with intestinal permeability. It allows detection of protein. Antibodies associated with wheat and gluten sensitivities. Were information to reduce monitor and manage the inflammatory effects of those sensitivities. So you'll be able to tail and it. It gives it to you in beautiful reports. It tells you what you may be missing nutritionally not specifically our products but just in general which Dr Lewis will turn around and come up with products that are ours to correlate to these tests. So that you'll know which things you need. So Dr Lewis. Can you explain to us? How Leaky Gut. Why why would we test for that so much? You know what? What is it? We're trying to see with leaky gut. Well the Gluten Causes Zanjan Zanjan opens up the gaps and then the leaky gut can absorb poorly digested food. Proteins back to our microbes and it gets things in your blood stains bloodstream. You don't really want It's just a bad thing. A you know anybody. Listen to enough my podcast. Now that I get in different moods well. I'm in a different mood today. You know you know my main thing I want to say. Today's it's you know we. We named this thing. It's hard to run your Fort It's also hard to lose weight when you have overactive knife and fork so folks you've gotta take responsibility Lake Innis is very very very common number. We'll get into maybe a little bit of detail but you know I looked up. Some research and it said leaking can be reduced by Herbs Courson Journal and Pharmacology And we have had trouble keeping our courson slash Brahma Lane in stock although we have in stock now because there was plenty of research that says corser tend to really really good for things that are Respiratory illnesses you. Draw your own conclusion there but It's really good because it has not just the Carson but rude and Brahma Lane. Pat Pain Pancreatic and which includes lap as protease and analyze. Because you need the enzymes and it's really really good. My Barranca have always always been a my weak area and I've been talking to in the morning to at night and you know it also lowers inflammation because that shows in your c reactive protein. Her chance heart attack and stroke and I've been taking it home I got. I feel better than I felt in years but given up. The gluten was good thing so think about the gut leak in this can be reduced by taking a course. It's not just about lowering your c reactive protein. It's about all kinds of other things. I'd say get away from grains I have plenty of stuff here depend on how much you WanNa get into but You have to you know. Had One patient says well. I did a test and I learned to get off of whatever food was bothering her. The number one is weight Number two is milk like if you have colitis or IBS and again if you WANNA really

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