Los Angeles - Entire Hollywood Bowl 2020 Concert Season Canceled


Them about the Hollywood Bowl they canceled the entire season yeah they're looking around they no LA is shut down it is a beautiful amphitheater but not a place where you want to be when you have the doubts about your safety so they know they can't protect the artists and the audiences and the staff from the spread of cove it nineteen so they're saying Alaina college the seating capacity there seventeen thousand and a whole lot of concerts a hundred and ten concerts every summer a hundred and ten a lot it's one of the largest outdoor amphitheaters in the world closed for twelve days in nineteen fifty one twelve days never I have a shut down for an entire season in its ninety eight year history welcome to the club people are having this horrible first all over the place looking ahead though and taken some positive spin on it only twenty one it's a centennial celebration they say for the venue's they're excited about it and that's where the focus is shifting to because I have to say Adios to lose this season and to all the concerts they had hoped that they were gonna bring

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