Patrick Mouratoglou on Ultimate Tennis Showdown


Everyone John Wartime here this week. Sports illustrated tennis podcast. Our guest is Patrick Barada. Blue is a tennis entrepreneur healed. And Namesake Academy you probably know him best as coach up Serena Williams and Coco Golf he a commentator. He's also the commissioner of the UPS. WHAT DOES UPS? Is the ultimate tennis showdown, which is What are these unsanctioned events occurring during covid? This event is happening June thirteenth through July twelfth at the more Talk Academy on the French Riviera. Players include deficits poss-. Matteo Bertini David Gafa been pair Richard Gasquet so This is another one of these events that's going on while there are new tour events, so we talk with Patrick ups, but also a bit about tennis in twenty twenty. He made some news this week when he talked about. How tennis needs an overhaul. How the? The audience is getting older and we talk about some of the possibilities in plans there. He was We recorded this full disclosure on Wednesday day before apparently, there was a press conference. He was a little bit coy about revealing the specifics of ups, but it does sound like he's going to unveil some of these innovations that that he talked about an in baked herbs so This is a good conversation we agree on some things disagree on others, but think you'll enjoy the next half hour so. So. Here's here's Patrick. Where are you? How are you? Might I get him in south France and I'm good. I'm very busy because we use that. down periods to. Be as creative as possible. Let's talk about that. You also you. You look like you got a haircut. Did yesterday. You have a good eye. Eric Good. You're the lucky ones. So you have. A big week ahead of you. We were talking actually on tennis channel just an hour ago about about. UTSA and some of the players that are going to be in the field. What what's the objectives I mean? It's the players need to play in. Events need to happen. What why do this? I do this because I feel that tennis needs to reinvent itself I know when I said it sounds a bit too much, but I explain explain why. The tennis founded getting older. The Fan base is getting older nothing against people that at a certain point, any fan base has to be renewed. If it's not renewed. People are getting older and older. At some point. It's not gonNa work anymore and when you're busy. Sixty one years old and get one year older every year. You have to start to worry and try to find solutions, so I tried to understand why we were in this situation. I realized that I level. People feel that it was better before that's. That's what I hear every day, and you probably hear the same by the way people tell me this everyday simple. Better before okay, so I ask why because we had better personalities before hand I think I think that it's not true I think we have great personalities in tennis but I think they don't dare anymore expressing their emotions and expressing who they are, it's It's It's all about being politically correct all the time, so it's not very fun for the for new fans, not very appealing. And we get real lot of diversity diverse, still game styles university with the young players, very young women being in Grand Slam finals that we don't have anymore because of rules, all this is because the rules that have been been put in place rules to prevent young players to reach the final grand slams rules. Due To intentional or not, but we destroyed and get rid of the servant players for example he says because of rules also I mean. The uniformization of the surfaces and the code of conduct which is rules also that get rid of the diversity of this person is is on court. And the percents very polished now. And I think it affects the show. The Game of tennis is incredible show of tennis I think is. Very old fashioned. and. Goal is to bring the best from the best. And also to be more modern in the way to showcase is taking into consideration how people consume videos and sports and anything actually today. The the American cliche is that there's a lot to unpack there To! What extent are you differentiating between? When when the ball is in play in when it's not because I'm looking out there and I'm seeing. I saw a sixteen year old that I will call her a girl, and not a woman I saw sixteen year old girl. Addressing a crowd about an issue having nothing to do with tennis and I see a thirty nine year old. Man is is going to get knee surgery, but continue playing in twenty twenty one and I see a much more racially diverse and nationally diverse sport than than I did twenty years ago. I push back on some of that, but I I think your your point when the balls in play. I think is a much different situation. I mean when when do you think we lost? When did we lose these fans? I think so first of all I think the game is extremely slow. I think tennis matches a marathon. You have to sit down and have a almost for the next three hours if not more. And to ask fifteen or twenty or even twenty five or thirty years old good, this is not going to happen. So! That's a big problem.

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