Demonstrators kneel in protest at Los Angeles City Hall as police officers stand guard


Loud but peaceful protest continues in front of LA city hall and LAPD headquarters at this hour of the tone of this March far different from those of the last six days K. an extensively speak Dimitriou continues our in depth team coverage of the protests he's life force in downtown LA the protest was several hundred people involved was led by a group of ministers of black lives matter and other groups taking part at one point the chanting stop about four hundred people including the police of the skirmish lines took a knee and observe a moment of silence and prayer for both justice and peace LAPD assistant chief Robert Arcos said it's that kind of a message has been sorely needed in LA and on the streets of this country says a lot about the healing that's needed in the city right now and in this country and we need people to come together and mobilize and have such a strong message of peace and nonviolence this is the best of what to say LA mayor Eric Garcetti showed up at the rally about an hour and a half into it spoke some of the ministers and leaders and some of the protesters and the crowd and number the protesters dance around the mayor with chants of the fund the police the protesters centers now moved on to Spring Street up to to the the the hall hall hall of of of justice justice justice and and and there there there were were were calls calls calls going going going out out out as as as they they they were were were marching marching marching toward toward toward the the the hall hall hall of of of justice justice justice that that that Jackie Jackie Jackie Lacey Lacey Lacey must must must go go go

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